Monday, November 30, 2009

Water Woes

It is almost like someone doesn’t want to me start “Christmas Cleaning”.  I got all my products together, lined up on the counter and then I sprinkle some happy dust [Arm & Hammer dog & cat carpet deodorizer] on all my carpets (happy because it helps lift up the dog hair 10-fold).  I have to be quick though, some how Chakotay developed a fetish for licking that stuff off my carpet (yes I realize how that sounds) but it is true, I sprinkle – turn my back and when I turn back around there he is having a mid-morning snack. Gross – so needless to say I can only sprinkle one room at a time, vacuum and then proceed to the next room thankfully I only have a couple rooms.

So I start a load of laundry, and for some reason I seemingly have about 5 loads (between two people that is a lot), however, since I’m CC’ing I want to wash all dogs bedding and my own.  I managed to get one load of wash complete and in the dryer before I ran out of water! Blasted!  Although I wish I only said that..Luckily I set the coffee maker before bed last night, and still have a full Brita-system in my fridge for the dogs drinking water. 

So I’m sitting here, dusting, vacuuming and placing the odd little Christmas decorations around my house.  Things are slowly coming together..but by god just don’t look at my laundry room. 

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Tara Muise said...

ha! thanks for reminding me :-) i'm at work right now and i just remembered that i had to call the garage for a fill-up.

oh...and i just got that arm and hammer pet odour stuff this afternoon. does it really work with pee accidents and dog hair (assuming the bunch of them don't lick it up)?