Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time stood still for just a few moments when

Obama became the President of the United States of America

I felt the need to post on this, a day that will be written in the history books of all American children; the United States of America have a new President, Barack Obama. I can't help but wonder if he will be able to make the changes needed for all of North America to overcome the darkness that has been shadowing the Economic world for the past numerous month. Hopefully he will be able to make the changes that he has promised Americans. I read a post somewhere that they are saying Obama is the next JFK. Those are big shoes to fill; hopefully he will live up to the expectations! However, for today let him enjoy his first day in office with his wife and children.


Meanwhile, in Kugaaruk we have been going thru what I would like to call a "heatwave". Last night at 11:00pm there was nice fluffy snowflakes falling with a warm tempature of -14. There wasn't a puff of wind to be felt. The air smelled so fresh and cool; I took off my hood and just let the snow billow around my face. It is moments like these that make me proud that I'm living in Kugarruk.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lack of the unknown

Top 10 things I miss:
(No particular order)

10. Family & Friends. It is hard to be so far away from everyone, and even if something did happen; to be able to jump on a plane and come home is very nil. You loose your independence when you have to put your trust in First Air or Canadian North.

09. Driving. Some would wonder why, as I use to travel up to approximately an hour a day (total) from work. I was one of the few that would jump at the chance to go for a drive or drive my own car for something minimal. The gas prices hit me hard when they were so high but I could definitely justify the amount of gas I used. There was nothing more theraputic to me then spinning out of the driveway cranking the radio (my car DID not have a Cd player...)and singing out my frustrations or trying to wake up before I got to work.

08. City life. I am no means a social butterfly but there was something about deciding at a moments notice to head to Silvercity, Kenaston Commons, Moxy's for a night or afternoon away from the house. Heading to the local Co-op here in town doesn't have the same "Je na sa qua".

07. Foils & Waxing. I am by no means a girly girl...but there is something to be said about taking 2 hours to get your hair foiled and cut that just screams relaxation. You sit in the chair and just listen to the hair salon around you and all the gossip that takes place. Especially when you can hear stories about people you know! No some may wonder how I can find Waxing relaxing; well it is not but a smooth face with no stray hairs is WONDERFUL.

06. Coffee. Now I can perk my own special coffee here at home; Caribou, Tims & even Starbucks but there is something to be said about Latte's or Foams or Cappucino's that just makes my mouth water at the thought of them. Sure they are a bit on the expensive side but add one to a walk around of Chapters or Futureshop and that right there makes for the best (and cheapest) afternoon date there is.

05. Working. WOW some would say but I say No-wow. I enjoyed the social interaction, the routine and working across the hall from a coffee house (see #6). I miss the daily demands and the stress that went with it. Getting paid on top of that was just a bonus. Now I know you must all be thinking why can't I work here... and eventually I'm going to throw my name in for Substituting which from what I hear will take alot of my time - but to get a full time job in this community will be very unlikely as I'm not Inuit.

04. Trees. I miss not being able to look outside and see greenery, trees & shrubs. When I look outside now I still see beauty but it lacks that extra something. I look forward to the summer to see green moss grow on rocks and bolders to make it seem less dull.

03. Fresh produce. (Fruits, Vegetables, Berries) We are still able to order or take our chances and run down to the Co-op on Wednesdays to see if any came in on the cargo plane but the quality isn't 100%. I miss running into Safeway for a fresh Yellow Delicious apple or a Barlett pear. The first thing I do when I get back to civilization is to hit a produce section and just stare at all.

02. Sun. As you can see from my past post, we are now back to having a "sunrise & sunset" unfortunately the sun doesn't get up high enough yet to peak over the mountain range that almost surronds us, although within a couple of weeks we will have the sun shining down on us making things seem bright and cheerful. There won't be much heat from the sun for a couple of months yet, but at least it will seem warmer out.

01. Downloads. We are very limited in our downloading, not saying we downloaded alot when living in Manitoba, but when you are reduced to having dialup speed half way thru the month since you used up the amount of downloading space it isn't fun. Even just doing the basics, facebook - hotmail - webpages will used up the amount allotted quite quickly. We can upgrade; but at the price it is offered at - it is like highway robbery.

Although when this list is all said and done, I am not upset, unhappy or sad to be here. This is definitely an adventure; one that I get to partake with my husband. We will forever have stories from this place that we can sit down and tell our grandchildren someday. You can't take something like this for granted. When I walk outside, cold as it may be, you take a deep breath and the air is fresh and the water ice cold. The community is beautiful even when it is covered in snow.

Sure there are things that I miss, but there is So Much More that I have gained by being up here. I will keep that list for when I see you, as not to brag!If you ever get a chance to go somewhere outside your comfort zone, don't over think it just take that opportunity and grasp it with your two hands and hold on tight. You won't regret it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Want to know a secret?

Lean close, keep your mouth shut and listen...

20 Random Things:
20. I'm a compulsive neat freak that owns Huskies..go figure that one out.
19. I'm a closet HGTV fan (Home & Garden Television Channel)
18. I believe in folklore,ghosts and aliens.
17. I love fresh pineapple; and take joy from carving it for my consumption.
16. I love listening to my music loud and singing at the top of my lungs when no one is listening.
15. I clean my bathroom daily.
14. I drink copious amounts of coffee.
13. I feel at my best after a good workout.
12. I can finish two books to my husband's one.
11. I love the color Chocolate brown.
10. I am addicted to Greys Anatomy.
09. I read Celtic History & Folklore novels for fun.
08. I love candles, bubblebath & lotions.
07. I'm only right approximately 10% off the time, yet will fight for my cause.
06. I am against all animal cruelty and eventually will spend my time helping those in need.
05. I think -32 "isn't that cold"
04. I love staying home on the weekends and enjoying my time with my husband.
03. I'm not a social butterfly.
02. I'm a true Islander, and speak the language quite frequently.
01. My husband is my best friend.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

You are my sunshine, My only sunshine, You make me happy....

When skies are grey.

It is official, according to Environment Canada we have a sunrise & sunset

Sunrise: 10:13
Sunset: 12:02

Now if we could only see it..dang mountain/hill.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All I have to say on the subject....is....


I picked up the book and I couldn't put it back down for fear of missing something important, even knowing that I could always flip back a few pages to make sure nothing was indeed missed.

I should back up, the book that is causing me this much excitement is "Twilight by Stephenie Meyer". I was putting off reading this genre of books because while I'm a fan of Vampires and of course Romance, I was a little skeptical about placing those two together, especially in a "Teen" romance/vampire novel. However with a great number of good review from numerous friends and a real drunk night in the city of Vancouver I picked up both Twilight and New Moon.

I opened the book read the opening quote, which was a quote from Genesis. You can usually put alot of weight on the opening quote, if it is from a dark and underlying source or the Bible 9/10 times you are going to have a good read; or that is my analogy anyways.

I instantly fell in love with Edward and Bell, the two main characters in the novel, however the other characters, supporting as they may, only makes the story line stronger. I have already read the book cover to cover twice, and read a few key chapters a couple of times. Why? you are wondering,especially when I already said that I have the second book sitting on my shelf. It is all about stretching out the enjoyment! This series is only 4 books long, and if I had all 4 I would be plowing thru them at a lightning pass, however with only the first two; I'm going to have to factor in shipping time thru Chapters. That can be approximately 3 weeks depending on the stock in their wearhouse.

I am definitely looking forward to "New Moon" and just by that title I can definitely see where they are taking this next novel. I will not say much, as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Turning back the hour glass..

7,6,5,4,3,2,1....HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!

January - Was a cold month in Manitoba, one that I felt would never end; I felt like we were in limbo, trying to figure out our place in Manitoba. Finally realizing that we need to move on, and we began to start the process to apply to come North.

February - The shortest month always seem the longest and the coldest. Lots of snow & -40 weather I contended with while driving back and for to Gimli. I was enjoying work and drinking plenty of coffee!

March - Hughie and I were ready for some American atmosphere and we took a trip to Minnesota to stay in a swanky hotel (St.Paul Hotel) where they valet parked my Sunfire *side note: Those who don't know, my Sunfire was a 96' and when it got cold the driver side door would not unlock, so you had to crawl thru the passenger side door!! We also went to a Minnesota Wild game, where they won & I saw DAUGHTRY and BON JOVI in concert!

April - Spring is starting to leak it's juices all over Manitoba and this was the month where I took a day off work because of a snowstorm/blizzard, the roads were so bad I couldn't see snowflake in front of me.

May - The biggest event was that I was turning 30. I was not scared of that magic number but more intriqued by what it held. I enjoyed my day with my Husband shopping in Winnipeg and making Chicken Nachos while celebrating with a quiet evening at home. Baseball started, with me being the pitcher, some games went well - others not so good.

June - June I always find a long month, the summer is starting to peak and Hughie and I were still trucking along hoping to find out whether not we were accepted into V division.

July - - Canada's Birthday! AND we got our first form for heading North, let the fun begin. I told work that I received the word that we were heading to KUGAARUK (WHERE THE HELL WAS THAT)!! My Inlaws came up to Manitoba for two weeks to catch the Swan River Rodeo's 100 anniversary & visted us at our quiet little home in Clandeboye.

August - Hughie's 30th Birthday. Went to Seether with opening band The Veer Union and drank our faces off at Moxy's in Winnipeg. Medical - Dental - Psychological was performed and forms submitted. The waiting game again. I believe we found out at the end of the month that we would be arriving in Kugaaruk by November 1st.

September - Minnesota Wild for the first time were having their training came somewhere other than Xcel Centre due to the democratic (?) convention. They held it at the RALPH in North Dakota - off we went to do both cheering for the team and shopping. The highlight of the trip was ordering superhot wings while watching the Minnesota Wild team chow down behind us...STAR STRUCK...oh and being extremely hung over the next morning.

October - Preparing for the move, shopping for winter clothes & Costco membership. The actual Kugaaruk move was on the 28th of the month with us arriving to a very cold climate on Samhain (check out my blog for the actual events)

November - Our first official month in the North. No personal belongings and roughing it with what we brought up and what we borrowed from the relief quarters.

December - Our stuff arrived December 1st! Yippee!! Our house became a home. First Kugaaruk Christmas! Real Christmas Tree arrives via the Inlaws from Nova Scotia.

Present Day - New Years Eve & Day - We spend New Years with friends and Boston Pizza. The Boston Pizza was ordered from Yellowknife, where they froze the individual pizza's and shipped them via First Air. It was a good evening with watching USA lose to Canada sending the Junior team directly to the Semi-finals and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake..mmmmm...cheesecake. One funny thing to report was when we were leaving Corey & Lindsay's a firetruck was driving around the community honking its horn, sirens and letting the lights circulate the landscape. When we gave a wave out popped Vince, local Hamlet guy and firetruck driver apparently! and this was how the community prepared for the New Years Eve snowmobile parade where they circle the town and then head out to the Bay. We did not attend as we didn't want to get sucked into the 2am SQUARE DANCING..... Yes 2am. The community doesn't sleep on Holidays however they sleep the following day away.

7,6,5,4,3,2,1....HAPPY 2009 - So what does this year bring, or what I hope it brings - WARMER WEATHER! What this year will bring is two IPA's *Vacations* a trip to Vancouver, pending no difficulties and hopefully a trip to Disney. Otherwise, I'm not going to speculate on the future as I will just live day by day in the present and maybe dwell a bit on the past.
I hope you all had a awesome New Years Eve and hope that you all have a safe and happy 2009.

New Years Resolution: To eat healthier, lose 20lbs more and maintain my happy go lucky chipperness.