Monday, December 29, 2008

Eeesh, not another Christmas Hangover!

Christmas, we prepare for it for months. Taking care to make sure we don't forget anyone while still holding on to our own sanity; and in a few short hours the day disappears into the next and we are left holding our breath for another year.

Christmas in Kugaaruk 2008 was a success; minus one little incident in the morning. I would be royally disgusted by it if I didn't know it could happen eventually. We went to bed late on Christmas Eve, 3am or so. I woke up the following morning to Hughie rolling out of bed at approximately 8:30am; which I didn't think much of until he asked me "Where are the candles". Okay, at this point I was thinking he fell off his christmas tree stand...until I stood up and walked into the hall and was confronted by the worse STENCH ever. Here in Kugaaruk we don't have a typical sewage system like you Southern folks. We have our system sucked out twice a week on Tuesday & Thursday; and we have been warned that sometimes they do it TOO good causing everything to be sucked out, including the water in our toilet. When this happens the smell has no where to go but up! (Figure out what the stench was). They did the worlds best suck on Christmas Day! We had 5 candles going and spraying AXE all over the house to try to kill the smell; it took hours! I can't help but snicker over it now, leave it to us to have a story behind our first christmas.

Back to the success portion; Christmas Eve was spent with friends in the community, Lindsay (The Corporal's woman), also my backyard neighbor, and Corey had a little gathering/supper at their place. There was a few "interesting" moments but every great dinner party has them. (Side tidbit: They had KFC for Christmas Dinner!! How awesome is that, not something I could justify but then again I haven't had a piece of KFC grace these lips in about 5+ years)
Hughie and I spent the rest of our Christmas Eve by our fireplace (Channel 279) enjoying each others company while laughing along with ELF (our yearly tradition) and drinking peppermint coffee (perked strong coffee, whipcream, cinnamon & peppermint candycane. [You can also add Peppermint extract or Peppermint Liquor]).

Beyond our little incident in the morning our Christmas Day was a day of relaxation and curling up watching our Turkey Roast in the oven. I had fun passing along directions to Hughie while he made the Stuffing for our Turkey! Gifts didn't come until early in the afternoon, and after almost 2 hours (we open one at a time) our gifts were completely open. (Tammy: Fall & Spring Northface Jackets, Prince Caspian, Candles, Northface Hoodie, COFFEE, LaSenza PJs; Hughie: BluRay Movies: Discovery (NASA), The Incredible Hulk, Books, Roots PJ Set, MacPherson Blanket; Together: Brunswick Bedsheets, Planet Earth DVD game, Husky Puzzle, Gift Cards...etc, to name a few things we received)

However, the best thing this Christmas was having Hughie home for the whole weekend, not having him run off to work was awesome! Just being able to relax for 4 days just him and I would have been a sufficient christmas present! We are not busy bee people, we are more than happy just curling up on our couch watching our movies and spending time with our dogs. That is not saying we are anti-social, we are not. We are just happy spending time together; even when we drive each other crazy!

With 2009 approaching, I can't help but wonder what the New Year will bring; more cold weather is a 100%. I am looking forward to having our first vacation out; and we are starting to plan for it. We are hoping to spend a few days in Winnipeg! I'm going to try to get out to the big metropolis of Gimli for a coffee and some chatting. Although, the top of my list is WAXING and FOILING!! My hair and my eyebrows OMG! I may wear a hat & mask around Winnipeg until I can get myself put back together..haha.

Keep warm and enjoy the shovelling; I will be in contact soon.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve EVE

Fresh baked cookies, Nova Scotia Christmas Tree and a nice light smell of Candy cane billowing thru the house, this house has truly turned into a Santa workshop of smells.

This is why I love this season, not because of all the gifts and giving but for the family time and the homey feeling you get when you see a christmas tree all decorated with bright color boxes hinding beneath it's branches.

A big part of my celebration is curling up on the couch with a nice warm beverage and watching my christmas shows. I pitty the person that comes between me and my Rudolph!

Here are a list of just a few of what I have watched this year!

*The Christmas Shoes
*The Polar Express
*Shrek The Halls
*The Grinch
*Here comes Santa Claus
*Franklin and the Magic Christmas
*Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
*Santa Baby
*How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Movie)
*Rugrats Christmas
*Legends of Frosty The Snowman
*Charlie Browns Christmas
*He-Man & She-Ra Christmas
*Yogi's First Christmas
*Smurfs Magic Christmas
*Garfields Christmas
*Flinstones Family Christmas
*ALF Special Christmas
*Flinstones Christmas
*Bah Humduck!
*All Grown Up christmas (Rugrats)
*Mickey's Christmas Carol
*Christmas Vacations
*Futurama, Simpson's & American Dad Christmas Episodes
*The Santa Clause
*The Santa Clause II
*Millenium Christmas Episode

and the best part is that I still have 3 more days of Christmas shows!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus

"Right down Santa Claus Lane"

I am such a big kid, I have gifts sitting on my bed in the spare room and I'm so tempted to go have a peak - it is hard for me to not know what I have! I can hardly wait on Christmas Eve to go to bed, so I am able to wake up all the earlier the next morning to open my presents.

Christmas will be slightly different this year, from what I've been hearing Christmas is a huge event here in Kugaaruk. We are already starting to see it, tonight is Mens night at the local co-op and Women's night tomorrow night. Not sure what that includes but I may have to make an appearance - I think I saw there was some discounts on Toys; and Sekaya needs a new stuffed one for her christmas present. I will keep you all uptodate on my first Christmas in Kugaaruk; one thing that will be different is that Hughie will be on call for our first christmas here, not sure how busy the community will be; as long as no one got Smirnoff or the Captain in their stocking I'm sure things will be okay!

Speaking of which, our community is going to be continuing to be a DRY community. They had the vote over the weekend; along with that vote they had one to consider to bring a Northern Store to Kugaaruk and that as well was passed. I am very glad that the community will stay Dry, not just for Hughie but for the community as well. From what I see and hear drinking in this community never has a positive outcome. Although I will admit, I would have loved to have a bottle of wine with Christmas Supper.

I have officially started working out again, I did a 40+ minute Cardio/Strengthening and stretching workout today; and while I looked and felt like a dishrag I feel so much more like my old self - sitting around napping all day and sleeping in was messing with my head. So I'm going to attempt to do my workout at least 5/7 days per week and then hit the ellipitcal as much as possible to round out. Now if I can just get back into drinking my 8 glasses of water a day - I'm on about glass # 2 now and it is 3:00 in the afternoon.

I should get started on wrapping some presents; I will update you soon and keep you up to date on my first Christmas in Kugaaruk!

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Mr Sun Sun, Mr Golden Sun"

"Please shine down on me"

It is official, according to The Weather Network, Kugaaruk Nunavut no longer has a sunrise and sunset listed on our weather page.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Tis the Season to be Jolly"

"Fa la la la la la la la la"

I will admit there are days where I believe I have to be the oldest believer of the spirt of Christmas. I have started my official "Christmas Shows I have watched list" there is something about curling up on the couch with a blanket and watching Sam the Snowman come on the screen to tell you the story (Burt Ives) about Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer that makes you smile and forget about, if anything, that could be making your day crappy.

I'm almost done Christmas shopping, I'm passing on the duty of my family shopping onto my Mom. She is basically done, if not completely done so I'm going to corral her in and she can complete mine. Christmas shopping for my family being so far away and without proper instructions is harder than I thought - Christmas Gift Cards has been my main idea for gifts over the last two Christmases but unfortunately I don't have that option here in Kugaaruk. I have one more purchase left for Hughie but he knows what it is, and the site is on a 13 days of Christmas sale, each day a different sale option - so I'm holding on ordering it until I see if I can get a bit of a savings.

The only downfall to this Christmas, is that we don't have a Christmas Tree! If you look at my pictures on facebook you will see we don't have an abundance of christmas trees, or any o ther trees for that matter in the area! Although a tree doesn't make Christmas it just helps with the spirt of things, I do however apparently have a Christmas Stocking on the way up from the parents so that can take the place of a tree, and I won't have to worry about finding tree needles in July!

So, I finally have a Home in Kugaaruk! Well I've been living in a house since we moved here but we finally have all our personal belongings, the house is organized and it smells like us! I know that sounds weird but walking into a house that is bare bones made me feel lonely; however now walking into the house and smelling my candles and bounce sheets from the dryer makes me smile! It took three loads for all our stuff to arrive, and of course they left our TV right to the end - but either United in Winnipeg or Matco in Yellowknife boxed it up nice and tight! So everything made it in one piece....well almost everything, there was a couple of broken PLATES..I cheered...yes I cheered...I've wanted some new plates for a while, so this is giving me the opportunity to purchase new SQUARE plates from Costco in the near future!

That is all for now, the Canucks only have about 2 minutes left in the third period against Detroit (we are not winning) and I best get the house clean for Greys tonight, and get the dogs organized - nothing worse than a dog staring you down right in the middle of a Meredith speech.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My house has more stuff in it then yesturday!!

As the title says "My house has more stuff it in then yesturday". We finally received some of our household goods - 14/43! We were expecting and hopeing that we would have received all 43 boxes yesturday but we were wrong! Our stuff got bumped the last minute; considering all the people on the plane it doesn't surprise me, and I'm surprised we got what we did when we did! It was like Christmas! a smaller version of what is to come, but it was fun nonetheless - we bought so much stuff prior to moving that I couldn't remember all that we had.

There was a few funny moments and memories that came from opening our box of books "Drunken purchases from Vancouver's Chapters". I actually came out of that purchase with Twilight & New Moon and A hardcover Celtic Book (Thanks Lisa for the review of Twilight and the bookcard to buy it!! - I will tell you when I finish; although I'm sure I will have to purchase the next two when I'm down in March, or maybe before!)

Although, the more we thought about it yesturday, we are very glad that we did not receive all our goods at once, I couldn't imagine 43 boxes in my house, and then trying to find homes for everything while we were onloading. We basically got everything organized except for the pile of "important papers" on the table and what is on the bed/dresser in "Hughie's room.

Not alot to report from the community, except we are going to the trenches...or the ballot box. The first week of December we are going to vote! Vote on whether or not to turn Kugaaruk from a Dry Alcohol Community to a community where it is Restricted. Which means, that you would have to face a Liquor board (table of men) that decide whether or not you are allowed to bring liquor into the community. Needless to say, (and this may come as a surprise) is that I'm voting NO to changing the community. The Inuit, from what I hear and was told can't hold their liquor; and it takes very minimal amounts for them to become quite intoxicated - which at the end of the day isn't good for our RCMP! I enjoy a good drink of white wine or a beer during the weekend but at the expense of this community it isn't worth it.

In one more week I have highspeed internet again!! Although, I'm hoping to be done Christmas shopping before then, so we will have our 2GB last longer than 2 weeks!

I hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying the Christmas season! Let the Christmas Shows BEGIN!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Picture Box..Check them out!

Blasted internet - I will update pictures when I have a better connection, until then check out my facebook page for pictures that I posted of Kugaaruk & Vancouver Vacation photos.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Darkness overshadows the light

Here I am sitting at my computer at 8:30pm and I realize that we've been under a darkened sky for almost 7 hours - 7 hours! Before long we will have no sunlight and 24 hours of complete darkness. Seems to me I may have to get a nightlight or a one of those miner hats...anyone know where I can purchase one?

Not alot to report since my last exciting news - WOOHOO NEPHEW! - we finally received our foodmail, and we have since started adding to a new list. I think this one will be a large order, both from Sunspun & M&M meats. It is best to order this now as I'm sure things will start to pile up in the month of December for the rest of the community.

I have officially started Christmas shopping, I didn't realize how many places don't ship to Canada - Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy...just to name a few - however with that being said, there are still a good handful of places that will ship anywhere in Canada - Futureshop, Roots, Chapters and a few American companies - hopefully I will get all my shopping done in time, but I'm not sure - - still waiting for my EI to kick in, I "should" hopefully hear something this week but I'm not holding my breath. If I recall the last time I had applied for EI I waited almost a full month to hear anything.

I'm not sure how long I will be able to maintain this unemployment, I'm starting to go a bit crazy now it is -35 with windchill so that kinda takes away going for long afternoon walks to pass the time; hopefully H will get the gym equipment together and then I can boot away the boring blues by rocking out on the Ellipitcal Machine and Treadmill...anything to get the endorphn's running.
Although those blues may be chased away this week - APPARENTLY our stuff arrived in Yellowknife on Friday. This would mean that we may get something, a box or two..or maybe it all, in the coming week! It seems like it has been a long time without our stuff; when in retrospect it has only been ~18 days...

We "finally" have our bell express vu hooked up, so I can watch my usual Food Network and Greys Anatomy - speaking of which, I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of what they are doing to Izzy on Greys; now don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of DENNY!! and I'm VERY VERY happy to see him again, but I'm not a fan of making Izzy look like a Kook..maybe like the rumours say, this is her way out at the end of the season when her contract is up; or maybe they are officially finalizing Denny's story line by doing this...
Just a though Denny said " I'm here for you, Izzy Stevens" Does anyone think that possibly sounds like they are going to kill off Izzy this season - Denny is here to take Izzy to the otherside - HEY I know, I have way to much time on my hand - but it may be justifiable.

Well, I best bundle up and take Chakotay and Sekaya out for their nightly snow romp. I'll updated soon

Friday, November 14, 2008


Attention, can I have your Attention PLEASE!

I have a new 9lb 2.5 oz Nephew
Dawson (unknown middle name) Price

Congrats Amy & Mark

Sunday, November 9, 2008

As dawn turns into dusk

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table - looking at my window at the sky, I hardly saw the sun today - it didn't hardly rise, and if it did the cloud were keeping it at bay. The sun has started to set, it is 1:14pm - by the time 3:00 rolls around we will be in total evening darkness - maybe tonight I will see another showing of the Northern Lights - I will attempt to get a photo of them in the near future.

Our stuff still hasen't arrived, although our first M&M meat foodmail order has, so we now have FOOD! - our Sunspun order should hopefully arrive tomorrow - 6 loaves of bread, 4 containers of yogurt, potatoes carrots and RITZ crackers! We have raided the relief quarters for pots, pans and a tea/coffee kettle so we are managing quite fine - although I will be happy when our PS3, Television and all my candles and decorational pieces arrive - I'm not a fan of looking at a bland house!

The weather is starting to get a tad bit chillier - gone is the windchill but that has not stopped the weather from getting colder all on its own - apparently there is no stopping the barometer when it gets good and going. I hate to say it, I'm actually looking forward to our first blizzard (only after all our stuff is here though!). I always look forward to the first major snowfall - not only does it make things feel more christmasy - but to clean up my yard...Two dogs + snow = YELLOW!

H had his first crazy day on Friday - starting with taking a "drinking" complaint at 7:30 in the morning - and things just componded from there - I managed to keep myself busy that day with helping Maurice (the past Corporal - now Sargent) clean his house - not that is was dirty!
I'm actually enjoying my time to myself - I'm sure it will start to get a little annoying as the time goes on but for now just relaxing and doing dishes/washes and hanging with my dogs has kept me quite content. However, Im going to be filling out an application to substitute at the local school - where from what I hear, they sorely need someone that is able to substitute even know there is already a list that I will be added to.

Til next time my readers

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turning back the hourglass

November 2nd, 2008

Have you ever just felt something that just curled your toes, made you smile without so much as an after thought....well on October 31st, 2008 I felt just that. I landed in Kugaaruk,NU with just a slight apprehension but with no weight on my shoulders - sure there was some nerves and the definite need for a hot shower (it was -25 with windchill) but I didn't feel like the odd woman out. But let me back up....

On Monday, October 27th, 2008 the packers showed up bright and early in the morning -and in 4 hours they had all our possessions packed up in multiple brown boxes.
It felt weird sleeping in a house surronded by boxes larger in both size and width that I am...I'm glad my pups were at Seneca; they don't do well with major upheavel.
On Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 three beefy looking guys show up with a nice size United truck and managed to fit all our items into it, in one nice little package. We walked around our empty house - and saw.... MOUNDS OF DOG HAIR!! - and we went off to the hotel; Selkirk Inn.

At this point and time, I was starting to feel the pressure - it almost seemed like we were fighting an uphill battle and we were pushed down two steps for every one that we took. Everytime we completed a task (Selling the car, truck...making sure our flights were booked correctly; and after H being on the phone for almost an hour with the Amex people we finally had permission from all three airlines to take our pups!...Noteworthy: Aircanada sucks Ass when it comes to travelling with pets... WestJet ONLY FOLKS) it seemed like two more would pop up. I'm not sure if that was all in my head..or it was from the greasy amount of gross disqusting food that we were eatting, since we were in a hotel.

October 30th - MOVING DAY, today was by far our busiest day of them all - I woke up with a million butterflies - nice pretty ones...but still butterflies; I think the hardest part of the day was just relinquishing control of my pups to the airline, you hear so many bad things about flying dogs. I was worried about Chakotay; my oldest - he has some seperation anxiety and well, he doesn't do well with change..Sekaya is a seasoned pro, she has been kennel trained for for a good couple of months but she has a bit of David Blane in her - she can escape from the most hightech contraption if and when she wants too.

So we arrive at the airport with about 2 hours to kill; and in roll'd Chakotay and Sekaya - although we would have definitely heard Chakotay if we didnt see him, not a happy husky!! I was never a big fan of WestJet and their happy go lucky additude, even at 7am in the morning...but they way they treated our pups when we were checking them in, and when we put them thru security made me have a huge change of heart!. Waiting to get on the plane was a huge test of my emotions, worried about my dogs getting loose on the tar mats to having someone drop their kennels, or just forgetting the mound of luggage we had checked; the way our schedule was that we couldn't have one glitch or we were messed up all the way to Kugaaruk. I know I was driving H crazy paceing back and forth from the big window to our seats numerous times just waiting to see my pups get loaded.
As messed up as it sounds, when I saw them getting on the plane I could have broken down in tears, and I'm not sure if that was from relief or from fear - our first leg of our adventure has begun.

I wish I could say that something exciting happened from our flight thru Edmonton, however it was pretty uneventful - I guess that is what everyone wishes for - there was a bit of turbulance and that was it - some diet coke and some bitsnbites and we were on our way into Yellowknife.

Landing in Yellowknife, I was not sure what to expect and what did I see...... SNOW and SNOW PLOWS!! I was in udder shock, when we left Winnipeg only hours before it was +14 sunny and warm - we got ourselves landed without to much fuss and into the terminal; All along, H and I attended to grab a Cab to the Super 8 where we were staying for the night until our 10:45am flight the following morning, unfortunately our goodluck up to this point was starting to fizzle...Not a cab on that would take pups and/or didn't have a VAN that would have the room. So it was getting on to about 11pm, and I will admit I was moody cranky and starting to get a little frazzled and worried that I would have had to spend the night in the Yellowknife Airport. H went off to the Super 8 with all our luggage with full intentions to knocking on every door to find someone with the means to bring us to the hotel for the night. While he was gone, a guy name TED came into the airport, " I was sent to help you, how can I get you to where you are going" apparently, although
at this time I wasen't aware, he is the owner of TED TAXI'S - me being the ever aware mountie's wife I was in full..."Don't trust anyone" mode. When H arrived back and he spoke to Ted we finally decided to put our trust in him and he was going to offer to pick us up in his cube van. Once again I stay'd behind with our pups while H went off with this seemingly nice guy to pick up the cube van. Although I would have never expected to see what I saw when he came back, TED offered H his own truck for the night and for the morning to drive our dogs back to the airport!! What a guy and we will forever be indebt to him for the hospitality and kindness he offered to seemingly two unknown travellers stuck in the airport for the night, I felt like our luck was back in our favor.

A semi-goodnight sleep and we were back to the airport via Ted's truck. We arrived 2 hours before our flight was due to take off and was able to book the pups and our luggage with little fanfare, apparently piling on luggage in the North is expected - we arrived to Gjoa Haven almost 3 hours from take off, head some strong headwinds - Gjoa (Joe) Haven was my first taste of northern life, some friendly people and some stares, although I didn't feel like I was an outsider as most of the looks were just from curiousity. It was a quick turnaround and when we boarded our plan again Hughie and I realized we were the only TWO passengers, a couple of snacks and lots of photo's later (Check out my facebook page in the near future, once I get some internet here at home I'll post them) we were told we were about to land in Kugaaruk...dang butterflies.....

I don't remember my initial thought when we landed in Kugaaruk, but I do remember a grin breaking the surface and feeling like I stepped off the plane to my home. After a quick
meet and great with Fish and Pyatt (relief member) we were off to grab the pups off the luggage truck! MY DOGS!! They seem'd very pissed at this point, and cold..(-25 with wind
chill at this point). We took the short route home, all the while chatting it up with Fish and Pyatt - Our home loomed in the distance, home...the place that I will call home
for the next two years had this comfy quality to it; 1100 square feet with warming colors and warming furnace!! As I got settled and unpacked the house Fish and Pyatt swiped Hughie for an hour and a bit to get the lay of the land.

That evening, Hallowe'en. I had the chance to greet about 50 kids at my door - we haven't had the opportunity to celebrate trick or treating in the last couple of years, as all our houses were off the tnt path. After treating was over, the community had a costume contest at the Hamlet Office's gym - we arrived to a few stares and curiousty but before long we had kids coming up to us "What is your name" and kidding around about the Vancouver Anucks (My first inuit word "Anucks" means POOP!!)

We have been here now 4 days and I'm enjoying my time here, it is light out about 8am and here I am sitting here typing my blog at 3:30 in the afternoon and it is pitch
black outside - the sun was starting to set about 1pm when H was heading back to work after his lunch break.
I hope you have all enjoyed this long overview of my adventure; I have another one to tell - my trip that my favorite person in the world surprised me with the weekend prior
to us moving. I woke up on the 25th with H saying "Do you trust me...go get dressed"! But that is another adventure, one I will tell in the next post.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


fi·nal·i·ty (f-nl-t, f-)
1. The condition or fact of being final.
2. A final, conclusive, or decisive act or utterance

Today, started out as a great day; waking up with the thought I was waking up late I nearly bolted out of bed, then it hit me; my last day of work! For some that would be a cause of great jubilation and heavy drinking to celebrate the closing of a chapter that most rather not enjoy. Myself, I find myself wanting to drink mass amounts of liquor in order to dull the weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm sure I'm in a group of a few that actually love their job because they love what they do and the people that work with and for. I didn't think I would be as "off kiltered" as I am right now, I left Strait Area Physiotherapy without a look back; which could be because mentally I know I always visit Antigonish and therefore always stop in and visit the guys there...maybe somewhere in the recesses of my mind I realize that there may not be another opportunity to drive to Gimli - grab a coffee and peek in on the clinic.

On another note, a week tomorrow at exactly this time; we will have started our journey to the "great white north" which is correct as my new home is in yellow (on the weather station) as they are awaiting their first blizzard/snow storm of the season! Time to buckle up the boots my northern communities - isn't the first always the worse.

Tomorrow is the big and final (there is that word again) Costco run; how I got along without costco for the last number of years is beyond my knowledge. I love that store - they had free cheesecake samples a couple of weeks ago! Although after purchasing a $17 cheesecake I can honestly say I don't want to look at cheesecake for a long time. So wish me luck tomorrow that I don't become lodged between a box of noodle pasta and a box of rice; or I never may be heard from again.

*Raises Corona* Here is to all the great friends I've made over the last 2+ years; I hope I will be able to keep you entertained long enough for you to keep returning to my blog to catch up on the daily/weekly or monthly updates.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Check List

1. Parka....Check
2. Togues...Check
3. Gloves...Check
4. Mittens..Check
5. Boots....Check
6. Coffee...Check
7. LCD......Check
8. Layers...Check
9. TP.......Check
10. ............................. and the list goes on........................

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two Weeks!

I'm finding it hard to grasp the realization that in one week I will be done at Quarry Physiotherapy and in two weeks I'll be living in a difference Province..and not even a Province a Territory. There is still so much left to do - and while it seems like we have lots of time, we truly do not - although I have finalized some northern purchases - a new parka and sorels - and bedding and accesories for our two "spare" dog rooms... There isn't much more we need for the house, accessory wise, need some electrical items and a NEW coffeemaker (just in case...)

I feel as I'm starting to crack under the pressure - but that could just be pms ;)

Two weeks folks, the countdown is OFFICIALLY on!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One month!

I can't believe how time has quickly jetted by since we first heard we are venturing into the North.
30 days, is the official countdown - how can I get all I need done, done in 30 days... well I can tell you how I can get all of it finalized in 30 days... by being overly neurotic with punctuality and organization! Bring on the next 30 days - I can't promise to be all rosey and friendly by October 30th but I'll definitely be ready for the next 24 months.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The beginning!

So it starts, once again I have began to write my daily muses into a blog. I hope all that read this will continue to be inspired by my stories and dwell on my daily pet peeves and tribulations that I face while I live in the North. I can't promise that this blog will be updated daily, or even weekly but I will keep you all updated as much as needed. .... .... Wait a second, that doesn't sound like me.... ....
Crap, the reality is - read it if you want, either way...just keep your negative comments to yourself...


The beginning................................................