Sunday, November 16, 2008

Darkness overshadows the light

Here I am sitting at my computer at 8:30pm and I realize that we've been under a darkened sky for almost 7 hours - 7 hours! Before long we will have no sunlight and 24 hours of complete darkness. Seems to me I may have to get a nightlight or a one of those miner hats...anyone know where I can purchase one?

Not alot to report since my last exciting news - WOOHOO NEPHEW! - we finally received our foodmail, and we have since started adding to a new list. I think this one will be a large order, both from Sunspun & M&M meats. It is best to order this now as I'm sure things will start to pile up in the month of December for the rest of the community.

I have officially started Christmas shopping, I didn't realize how many places don't ship to Canada - Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy...just to name a few - however with that being said, there are still a good handful of places that will ship anywhere in Canada - Futureshop, Roots, Chapters and a few American companies - hopefully I will get all my shopping done in time, but I'm not sure - - still waiting for my EI to kick in, I "should" hopefully hear something this week but I'm not holding my breath. If I recall the last time I had applied for EI I waited almost a full month to hear anything.

I'm not sure how long I will be able to maintain this unemployment, I'm starting to go a bit crazy now it is -35 with windchill so that kinda takes away going for long afternoon walks to pass the time; hopefully H will get the gym equipment together and then I can boot away the boring blues by rocking out on the Ellipitcal Machine and Treadmill...anything to get the endorphn's running.
Although those blues may be chased away this week - APPARENTLY our stuff arrived in Yellowknife on Friday. This would mean that we may get something, a box or two..or maybe it all, in the coming week! It seems like it has been a long time without our stuff; when in retrospect it has only been ~18 days...

We "finally" have our bell express vu hooked up, so I can watch my usual Food Network and Greys Anatomy - speaking of which, I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of what they are doing to Izzy on Greys; now don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of DENNY!! and I'm VERY VERY happy to see him again, but I'm not a fan of making Izzy look like a Kook..maybe like the rumours say, this is her way out at the end of the season when her contract is up; or maybe they are officially finalizing Denny's story line by doing this...
Just a though Denny said " I'm here for you, Izzy Stevens" Does anyone think that possibly sounds like they are going to kill off Izzy this season - Denny is here to take Izzy to the otherside - HEY I know, I have way to much time on my hand - but it may be justifiable.

Well, I best bundle up and take Chakotay and Sekaya out for their nightly snow romp. I'll updated soon

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