Friday, November 28, 2008

My house has more stuff in it then yesturday!!

As the title says "My house has more stuff it in then yesturday". We finally received some of our household goods - 14/43! We were expecting and hopeing that we would have received all 43 boxes yesturday but we were wrong! Our stuff got bumped the last minute; considering all the people on the plane it doesn't surprise me, and I'm surprised we got what we did when we did! It was like Christmas! a smaller version of what is to come, but it was fun nonetheless - we bought so much stuff prior to moving that I couldn't remember all that we had.

There was a few funny moments and memories that came from opening our box of books "Drunken purchases from Vancouver's Chapters". I actually came out of that purchase with Twilight & New Moon and A hardcover Celtic Book (Thanks Lisa for the review of Twilight and the bookcard to buy it!! - I will tell you when I finish; although I'm sure I will have to purchase the next two when I'm down in March, or maybe before!)

Although, the more we thought about it yesturday, we are very glad that we did not receive all our goods at once, I couldn't imagine 43 boxes in my house, and then trying to find homes for everything while we were onloading. We basically got everything organized except for the pile of "important papers" on the table and what is on the bed/dresser in "Hughie's room.

Not alot to report from the community, except we are going to the trenches...or the ballot box. The first week of December we are going to vote! Vote on whether or not to turn Kugaaruk from a Dry Alcohol Community to a community where it is Restricted. Which means, that you would have to face a Liquor board (table of men) that decide whether or not you are allowed to bring liquor into the community. Needless to say, (and this may come as a surprise) is that I'm voting NO to changing the community. The Inuit, from what I hear and was told can't hold their liquor; and it takes very minimal amounts for them to become quite intoxicated - which at the end of the day isn't good for our RCMP! I enjoy a good drink of white wine or a beer during the weekend but at the expense of this community it isn't worth it.

In one more week I have highspeed internet again!! Although, I'm hoping to be done Christmas shopping before then, so we will have our 2GB last longer than 2 weeks!

I hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying the Christmas season! Let the Christmas Shows BEGIN!!

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April said...

Kepp posting Tammy....still reading your blog faithfully. I missed the shit out of you today when I had to do my very first month as an independent clinic. Poor Megan, Ali and Dianna...I phoned them all 30 times today. I have a better understanding of it now. Well enjoy kugaruk and talk to you soon. Come home for the xmas party next weekend. We have to bring bathing suits. WOOHOO! Everybody will get sick when they see me...eww...puke...later gater!