Sunday, November 9, 2008

As dawn turns into dusk

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table - looking at my window at the sky, I hardly saw the sun today - it didn't hardly rise, and if it did the cloud were keeping it at bay. The sun has started to set, it is 1:14pm - by the time 3:00 rolls around we will be in total evening darkness - maybe tonight I will see another showing of the Northern Lights - I will attempt to get a photo of them in the near future.

Our stuff still hasen't arrived, although our first M&M meat foodmail order has, so we now have FOOD! - our Sunspun order should hopefully arrive tomorrow - 6 loaves of bread, 4 containers of yogurt, potatoes carrots and RITZ crackers! We have raided the relief quarters for pots, pans and a tea/coffee kettle so we are managing quite fine - although I will be happy when our PS3, Television and all my candles and decorational pieces arrive - I'm not a fan of looking at a bland house!

The weather is starting to get a tad bit chillier - gone is the windchill but that has not stopped the weather from getting colder all on its own - apparently there is no stopping the barometer when it gets good and going. I hate to say it, I'm actually looking forward to our first blizzard (only after all our stuff is here though!). I always look forward to the first major snowfall - not only does it make things feel more christmasy - but to clean up my yard...Two dogs + snow = YELLOW!

H had his first crazy day on Friday - starting with taking a "drinking" complaint at 7:30 in the morning - and things just componded from there - I managed to keep myself busy that day with helping Maurice (the past Corporal - now Sargent) clean his house - not that is was dirty!
I'm actually enjoying my time to myself - I'm sure it will start to get a little annoying as the time goes on but for now just relaxing and doing dishes/washes and hanging with my dogs has kept me quite content. However, Im going to be filling out an application to substitute at the local school - where from what I hear, they sorely need someone that is able to substitute even know there is already a list that I will be added to.

Til next time my readers

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