Wednesday, October 22, 2008


fi·nal·i·ty (f-nl-t, f-)
1. The condition or fact of being final.
2. A final, conclusive, or decisive act or utterance

Today, started out as a great day; waking up with the thought I was waking up late I nearly bolted out of bed, then it hit me; my last day of work! For some that would be a cause of great jubilation and heavy drinking to celebrate the closing of a chapter that most rather not enjoy. Myself, I find myself wanting to drink mass amounts of liquor in order to dull the weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm sure I'm in a group of a few that actually love their job because they love what they do and the people that work with and for. I didn't think I would be as "off kiltered" as I am right now, I left Strait Area Physiotherapy without a look back; which could be because mentally I know I always visit Antigonish and therefore always stop in and visit the guys there...maybe somewhere in the recesses of my mind I realize that there may not be another opportunity to drive to Gimli - grab a coffee and peek in on the clinic.

On another note, a week tomorrow at exactly this time; we will have started our journey to the "great white north" which is correct as my new home is in yellow (on the weather station) as they are awaiting their first blizzard/snow storm of the season! Time to buckle up the boots my northern communities - isn't the first always the worse.

Tomorrow is the big and final (there is that word again) Costco run; how I got along without costco for the last number of years is beyond my knowledge. I love that store - they had free cheesecake samples a couple of weeks ago! Although after purchasing a $17 cheesecake I can honestly say I don't want to look at cheesecake for a long time. So wish me luck tomorrow that I don't become lodged between a box of noodle pasta and a box of rice; or I never may be heard from again.

*Raises Corona* Here is to all the great friends I've made over the last 2+ years; I hope I will be able to keep you entertained long enough for you to keep returning to my blog to catch up on the daily/weekly or monthly updates.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Check List

1. Parka....Check
2. Togues...Check
3. Gloves...Check
4. Mittens..Check
5. Boots....Check
6. Coffee...Check
7. LCD......Check
8. Layers...Check
9. TP.......Check
10. ............................. and the list goes on........................

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two Weeks!

I'm finding it hard to grasp the realization that in one week I will be done at Quarry Physiotherapy and in two weeks I'll be living in a difference Province..and not even a Province a Territory. There is still so much left to do - and while it seems like we have lots of time, we truly do not - although I have finalized some northern purchases - a new parka and sorels - and bedding and accesories for our two "spare" dog rooms... There isn't much more we need for the house, accessory wise, need some electrical items and a NEW coffeemaker (just in case...)

I feel as I'm starting to crack under the pressure - but that could just be pms ;)

Two weeks folks, the countdown is OFFICIALLY on!