Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I’m covered in grime and dirt, sweating from my brow and my hair is a mess and I couldn’t be happier.  There is something to be said about a fresh cut lawn.  I always get a sense of pride when I look out my front window and see the grooves of my lawnmower in the short grass.


That is our new Lawnmower; we had it for quite sometime but I have not gave it the attention it needs.  

It is a Solaris SP21HB.  I love it! Not because it is self-propelled and we own almost a acre of grass but because it is battery operated and doesn’t run on gas.   Now some may find this is a huge mess especially when you have to charge it every time you want to use it but I find it very environmentally sound.  You can even purchase, if you’d like, solar panels to attach to the machine so it continues to be charged while cutting the grass.

The Solaris has three different blade levels depending on how short or long you’d like to cut your grass.  I however like the lowest setting, however with that said the battery doesn’t stay charged near as long but I have no problems taking two days to cut my lawn – you should stop to take a water break after cutting half an acre anyways.

The Solaris is VERY easy to operate, it is as easy as pushing a button and holding onto a lever in order to operate the mower and turning off is just as simple; just release the level and pull out the little green grip from inside the battery area…plug in your charging pack and you are good to go…until the next time you want to cut.

I give the Solaris a 4.35/5.00 – I’d give it full points but the beeping gives me a slight headache when it is idle while you are stopping to pick up twigs or acorns.