Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Tis the Season to be Jolly"

"Fa la la la la la la la la"

I will admit there are days where I believe I have to be the oldest believer of the spirt of Christmas. I have started my official "Christmas Shows I have watched list" there is something about curling up on the couch with a blanket and watching Sam the Snowman come on the screen to tell you the story (Burt Ives) about Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer that makes you smile and forget about, if anything, that could be making your day crappy.

I'm almost done Christmas shopping, I'm passing on the duty of my family shopping onto my Mom. She is basically done, if not completely done so I'm going to corral her in and she can complete mine. Christmas shopping for my family being so far away and without proper instructions is harder than I thought - Christmas Gift Cards has been my main idea for gifts over the last two Christmases but unfortunately I don't have that option here in Kugaaruk. I have one more purchase left for Hughie but he knows what it is, and the site is on a 13 days of Christmas sale, each day a different sale option - so I'm holding on ordering it until I see if I can get a bit of a savings.

The only downfall to this Christmas, is that we don't have a Christmas Tree! If you look at my pictures on facebook you will see we don't have an abundance of christmas trees, or any o ther trees for that matter in the area! Although a tree doesn't make Christmas it just helps with the spirt of things, I do however apparently have a Christmas Stocking on the way up from the parents so that can take the place of a tree, and I won't have to worry about finding tree needles in July!

So, I finally have a Home in Kugaaruk! Well I've been living in a house since we moved here but we finally have all our personal belongings, the house is organized and it smells like us! I know that sounds weird but walking into a house that is bare bones made me feel lonely; however now walking into the house and smelling my candles and bounce sheets from the dryer makes me smile! It took three loads for all our stuff to arrive, and of course they left our TV right to the end - but either United in Winnipeg or Matco in Yellowknife boxed it up nice and tight! So everything made it in one piece....well almost everything, there was a couple of broken PLATES..I cheered...yes I cheered...I've wanted some new plates for a while, so this is giving me the opportunity to purchase new SQUARE plates from Costco in the near future!

That is all for now, the Canucks only have about 2 minutes left in the third period against Detroit (we are not winning) and I best get the house clean for Greys tonight, and get the dogs organized - nothing worse than a dog staring you down right in the middle of a Meredith speech.

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