Monday, December 29, 2008

Eeesh, not another Christmas Hangover!

Christmas, we prepare for it for months. Taking care to make sure we don't forget anyone while still holding on to our own sanity; and in a few short hours the day disappears into the next and we are left holding our breath for another year.

Christmas in Kugaaruk 2008 was a success; minus one little incident in the morning. I would be royally disgusted by it if I didn't know it could happen eventually. We went to bed late on Christmas Eve, 3am or so. I woke up the following morning to Hughie rolling out of bed at approximately 8:30am; which I didn't think much of until he asked me "Where are the candles". Okay, at this point I was thinking he fell off his christmas tree stand...until I stood up and walked into the hall and was confronted by the worse STENCH ever. Here in Kugaaruk we don't have a typical sewage system like you Southern folks. We have our system sucked out twice a week on Tuesday & Thursday; and we have been warned that sometimes they do it TOO good causing everything to be sucked out, including the water in our toilet. When this happens the smell has no where to go but up! (Figure out what the stench was). They did the worlds best suck on Christmas Day! We had 5 candles going and spraying AXE all over the house to try to kill the smell; it took hours! I can't help but snicker over it now, leave it to us to have a story behind our first christmas.

Back to the success portion; Christmas Eve was spent with friends in the community, Lindsay (The Corporal's woman), also my backyard neighbor, and Corey had a little gathering/supper at their place. There was a few "interesting" moments but every great dinner party has them. (Side tidbit: They had KFC for Christmas Dinner!! How awesome is that, not something I could justify but then again I haven't had a piece of KFC grace these lips in about 5+ years)
Hughie and I spent the rest of our Christmas Eve by our fireplace (Channel 279) enjoying each others company while laughing along with ELF (our yearly tradition) and drinking peppermint coffee (perked strong coffee, whipcream, cinnamon & peppermint candycane. [You can also add Peppermint extract or Peppermint Liquor]).

Beyond our little incident in the morning our Christmas Day was a day of relaxation and curling up watching our Turkey Roast in the oven. I had fun passing along directions to Hughie while he made the Stuffing for our Turkey! Gifts didn't come until early in the afternoon, and after almost 2 hours (we open one at a time) our gifts were completely open. (Tammy: Fall & Spring Northface Jackets, Prince Caspian, Candles, Northface Hoodie, COFFEE, LaSenza PJs; Hughie: BluRay Movies: Discovery (NASA), The Incredible Hulk, Books, Roots PJ Set, MacPherson Blanket; Together: Brunswick Bedsheets, Planet Earth DVD game, Husky Puzzle, Gift Cards...etc, to name a few things we received)

However, the best thing this Christmas was having Hughie home for the whole weekend, not having him run off to work was awesome! Just being able to relax for 4 days just him and I would have been a sufficient christmas present! We are not busy bee people, we are more than happy just curling up on our couch watching our movies and spending time with our dogs. That is not saying we are anti-social, we are not. We are just happy spending time together; even when we drive each other crazy!

With 2009 approaching, I can't help but wonder what the New Year will bring; more cold weather is a 100%. I am looking forward to having our first vacation out; and we are starting to plan for it. We are hoping to spend a few days in Winnipeg! I'm going to try to get out to the big metropolis of Gimli for a coffee and some chatting. Although, the top of my list is WAXING and FOILING!! My hair and my eyebrows OMG! I may wear a hat & mask around Winnipeg until I can get myself put back together..haha.

Keep warm and enjoy the shovelling; I will be in contact soon.

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