Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All I have to say on the


I picked up the book and I couldn't put it back down for fear of missing something important, even knowing that I could always flip back a few pages to make sure nothing was indeed missed.

I should back up, the book that is causing me this much excitement is "Twilight by Stephenie Meyer". I was putting off reading this genre of books because while I'm a fan of Vampires and of course Romance, I was a little skeptical about placing those two together, especially in a "Teen" romance/vampire novel. However with a great number of good review from numerous friends and a real drunk night in the city of Vancouver I picked up both Twilight and New Moon.

I opened the book read the opening quote, which was a quote from Genesis. You can usually put alot of weight on the opening quote, if it is from a dark and underlying source or the Bible 9/10 times you are going to have a good read; or that is my analogy anyways.

I instantly fell in love with Edward and Bell, the two main characters in the novel, however the other characters, supporting as they may, only makes the story line stronger. I have already read the book cover to cover twice, and read a few key chapters a couple of times. Why? you are wondering,especially when I already said that I have the second book sitting on my shelf. It is all about stretching out the enjoyment! This series is only 4 books long, and if I had all 4 I would be plowing thru them at a lightning pass, however with only the first two; I'm going to have to factor in shipping time thru Chapters. That can be approximately 3 weeks depending on the stock in their wearhouse.

I am definitely looking forward to "New Moon" and just by that title I can definitely see where they are taking this next novel. I will not say much, as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

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Gerry said...

Dang, I left a long message and couldn't post it because...I didn't have a stupid google account. Anyway, as I was saying...I was reading this series of books when I was in NS. Having almost finished the second book and not wanting to be somewhere without it, I lugged two books with me. I finished reading the second one while I was there and gave it to Bahri to take home. My second morning in Vancouver, I was out early to sit at Starbucks and have a coffee, naturally one attached to Chapters. I didn't take my book with me, so I went in and purchased in again, so..still carrying two books whereever I went. But I too couldn't put it down... and like you, not into vampires and such..but it was a good, light reading and I am 2/3rds of the way through the 4th and final book. By the way, this is a fantastic blog Tammy. Glad to have met you.