Monday, January 12, 2009

Want to know a secret?

Lean close, keep your mouth shut and listen...

20 Random Things:
20. I'm a compulsive neat freak that owns Huskies..go figure that one out.
19. I'm a closet HGTV fan (Home & Garden Television Channel)
18. I believe in folklore,ghosts and aliens.
17. I love fresh pineapple; and take joy from carving it for my consumption.
16. I love listening to my music loud and singing at the top of my lungs when no one is listening.
15. I clean my bathroom daily.
14. I drink copious amounts of coffee.
13. I feel at my best after a good workout.
12. I can finish two books to my husband's one.
11. I love the color Chocolate brown.
10. I am addicted to Greys Anatomy.
09. I read Celtic History & Folklore novels for fun.
08. I love candles, bubblebath & lotions.
07. I'm only right approximately 10% off the time, yet will fight for my cause.
06. I am against all animal cruelty and eventually will spend my time helping those in need.
05. I think -32 "isn't that cold"
04. I love staying home on the weekends and enjoying my time with my husband.
03. I'm not a social butterfly.
02. I'm a true Islander, and speak the language quite frequently.
01. My husband is my best friend.

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