Sunday, November 8, 2009

Punch Buggy – No Punch Backs


I have fully immersed myself into the world of Christmas Shopping.  I started early this year, as my source of income is now dry and cracked beyond repair.  Although; with that being said, I do have access to other funds, I just rather use them on myself! I only have a ‘few’ more gifts to purchase (My parents & my sister and her “better” half).  I have a few things to send back East for my niece and nephews and then I can sit back and wait for the Christmas wrapping paper to be placed on the shelves at the co-op so I can start wrapping.  I still have a few gifts in limbo somewhere between point A & B so I’m not in any rush; and Christmas is still a month and a half away.  So no need to worry yet.

After a long process of thinking and dwelling over the what ifs and if nots.. I decided to get both the H1N1 injection and the seasonal FLU shot this year.  I think the deciding factor was that we don’t have access to respirators and ICU’s if the situation called for them.  So on Friday afternoon we all made the huge trek to the school gym (a 2 minute drive away).  After waiting in line for what seemed like hours – at one point I thought I was sitting in the same chair for two hours; and in retrospect was only an hour of my time.  (The clock in the gymnasium was not set back an hour).  It was finally my turn. The needles were quite painless, however my left arm where the H1N1 vaccine was placed feels like I played “Punch Buggy” while sitting at a beetle bug convention.  Nothing that a bit of Advil couldn’t cure, however for whatever reason I haven’t gotten up to get one yet, I call it a bit of laziness on my behalf.   It is funny though, that no matter where you live there will always be people complaining about the way things are run.  I’ve seen plenty of news broadcasts with regards to the way things were run in the south regarding the immunization clinics, I happen to think that things were nicely run in our community compared to those clinics down south; I much rather waste an hour of my life here in the north in a line up verses spending upwards to 5 or 6 hours in a line up down south. 

The weather along with the sun has been progressing towards the land of 24-hour darkness.  The air has turned dry and crisp, making you feel like a popsicle after only a couple of minutes outside; however, with two huskies you really don’t have much choice but to get outside…

Here are two pictures so you southern readers can see what I see when I look out my window. 




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