Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have a magical day!

I don’t know if I should or  shouldn’t be surprised that it took over a year for a parcel to go M.I.A.  I purchased Sekaya & Chakotay stuffed Disney toys for Christmas (yes I spoil my dogs)..A stuffed Bolt dog for Sekaya and a Dale (Chipmunk) for Chakotay.  According to UPS-Canada it arrived in Yellowknife on November 4th and left Yellowknife via an air service.  From that date -  no one knows where that parcel could be, it is like it disappeared into thin air. Although I have a hankering that it is wrapped under someone else’s tree.  (Although I definitely have NO proof of that). 

I have to say I’m very impressed with the customer service I received from the Disney Store Online.  I emailed them a generic “Help me” email at 2:30pm this afternoon and by 3:10 I had a reply.   They contacted UPS and it was deemed that my parcel was “lost” in transit.  Therefore they were issuing me a replacement order.   Learning from my first MIA mail I was smart enough (or not smart enough, as I should of done this the first time around) I’m having The Disney Store online send my parcel to my parents place on PEI.   Who will then stuff the presents in the generic brown box they will ship to me for Christmas.  There is definitely something to be said about being wished a “Have a magical day” that just instantly cheered me up after this ordeal.

The next step is to find my Yoga Mat that Hughie ordered me from Costco that should have arrived approximately 2 weeks ago.  Working out on my living-room mat leaves little indentations on my upper back/body…freaky looking but still annoying.

I look forward to Christmas 2010 when all I have to worry about is parking spots, finding a coffee shop and my Christmas list.


Morena said...

And crowds, and angry walmart customers... I think I'm still going to do my shopping on line when I move back south. I hate the mall, especially at christmas.

Tammy said...

lol - I'm one of the few crazy people that loves to go into the malls on Christmas Eve, grab a coffee and walk around just for the fun of I said..crazy.