Monday, November 23, 2009

Online shopping Limbo

It seems like all our ‘good’ luck with online shopping has been fizzling over the last couple of weeks (excuse me for a moment, Sekaya just dashed into the spare room with one of Hughie’s slippers).  So first we had the mishap with UPS and my Disney store purchase.  Then my exercise mat is stuck in the land of limbo in a warehouse in Yellowknife, or so UPS says. 

The most recent item of merit is London Drugs.  We purchased a lot of Christmas Treats, stuff we really don’t need, although we did order candy canes that will taste like fuzzy peaches and sour watermelons. Yum!  Anyways, the problem was that I ordered a Gingerbread house – I love to be artistic and unfortunately for me I haven’t had the gumption to put pen to paper or pastels to canvas in a good many years, so I figured this year I would play with my artistic side and decorate a gingerbread house. There was NO gingerbread house to be found, although, according to our shipping list manifest there should have been, they also failed to produce a couple other things as well.  (If I list them, you would definitely think my blood is made of pure sugar, but in all honesty the house is for me and everything else was for the Mr.)  

However with that said Customer Service has won out again, I was on the phone with them minutes after opening the box and they promised to check it out and get back to me.   Well it was Friday night, I didn’t expect to hear from them until today or tomorrow (Monday or Tuesday).  Needless to say they called last night on a SUNDAY to help rectify my Gingerbread house mishap.  They are reshipping the lost products.  They were quite interested to find out that the box was not tampered with or open prior to arriving here in Kugaaruk. 

I’m a stickler for good Customer Service, no matter which company that I call or deal with.  I guess that comes from years of working in the Customer Service world.  I worked the Toys/Seasonal department at Zellers for almost 4 years in my younger days….yikes I just realized how long ago it really was! There is nothing worse than bad Customer Service, although I’m sure I’m one of the few that realizes that everyone has a bad day or a bad call and sometimes you are just the lucky person to talk to that person.

Christmas is almost here!  We got the call yesterday (although our phone lines sucked here last night from what I was told) our Christmas Tree is ON ITS WAY!  Yippee!! I pulled up the Christmas Decorations last night from the crawl space and put Dawson and Brookie’s Christmas presents in a box last night getting ready to ship it off to the Island.  I’m officially done shopping for Mr. Fidler, the dogs ordered him one more gift last week so we are just waiting on that to come in.  I still haven’t purchased anything for my parents or my Sister/Mark but they are just getting back from a whirlwind shopping adventure in the States so I was waiting to see what they came back with.

31 days until Christmas

*Addendum:  According to UPS my Disney stuffed toys for the pups will arrive on PEI and in my mom’s hands tomorrow.

*Addendum:  My Yoga mat has been lost in transit according to UPS somewhere in Yellowknife, being refunded and we need to replace the order.

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