Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh the place permanent ink in your body is a serious thought. One that I have made before almost 11 years ago. Now the time has come again to make that decision again.
I am an avid reader and lover of all things Celtic. I am seriously leaning greatly towards a Trinity on my lower back or a intricate Celtic Knot. The decisions are endless and the possibilities infinite. This is what makes the final decision so hard - you must make a decision to place permanent ink on a part of your body - this ink can't be removed, yet it can be altered for corrections and made to dissipate through the fine work of Lasers...however even with those options it isn't a decision that you walk into lightly.

Some people think that tattoos are self mutilation or an idea someone had to inflict personal pain on yourself.. I on the other hand think they are beautiful and can enhance the beauty if done correctly.

I think my decision has been made, I just have to take the plunge and book the appointment. That is the hardest step of all.

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