Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring in July?

Well we are still ankle deep in snow here in Kugaaruk with wind chills still dipping into the -20s. When will Spring arrive in the snowy north. Each morning I wake up with the hope that today will be the day but alas, I put on my parka and my Sorels and tramp outside to frigid weather and icy blocks of snow.
The nights are becoming shorter with dusk like light breaking through the clouds for all but 3 hours a night. We have ordered some black-out curtains for the spare rooms - hopefully this will "stop" the upcoming 24-hour sun from filtering into our eyelids as we sleep.

Last weekend we made the most of our spring like weather (-10) by heading out on the land with Corey, Lindsay (their two wee-ones) and Jo-Ann for a picnic (Yes a Picnic!). It was beautiful and chilly. We took the sleds about a kilometer outside of town to where there was an overhang of rock and snow. We were nicely sheltered from the wind and the wind chill. After a nice lunch, photo ops and some sliding down the hill we headed back to town, only to head up to the cross on the hill above the town. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I've been passing my time lately by reading everything I can about Disney Land - I think that all of the warm thoughts have made me a little crazy. I have been opening my windows lately to the cool breeze! Don't wrap me in a little white jacket yet, to me my body says I should be stomping around in mud and dodging rain drops.

Life in Kugaaruk:

To all that have been wondering, I'm officially over my cold! Thank the Lord!! I don't get sick often but when I do it seems that it always goes into my chest and I spend an extra week coughing and hacking like I'm a 60 year old man who has smoked a pack a day for his whole life... I drank so much tea and water over the week and a half I was sick I thought I was going to freeze in the subzero temperatures.

I'm officially back into work-out mode: I learned today that the screws have come in for the weight system at the Detachment so it will be nice to be able to work out muscles that haven't been touched since from before we left Manitoba. It took a while to get back into the swing of things. All the beer and treats from our vacation in March....uggg... I'm just glad I'm back into my routine!
Hughie and I bit the bullet and upgraded our Internet package - from 2Gigs a month to 5Gigs!! I'm hoping that this will last us the full month. It allows us more downloading/uploading capabilities but also a fast speed in general. Although, at this time of the day (8:00pm) you run slow anyways because of all the people online in the community and surrounding areas.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring weather - and if someone could send some warm air up my way I would appreciate it as would my dry skin.

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