Monday, May 25, 2009


I wanted to do some big celebratory post considering this is a landmark.. my 50th post since moving to the North. I have ranted on about weather, food, polar bears, Easter, Christmas and the up and coming Spring season. I've even thrown in a few quizzes to pass my time. I always wonder if I didn't write a blog would I put my thoughts to paper or sit down and actually take the time to sketch a landscape scene so that one day I would look back on that piece of paper and try to remember the direct thoughts that I was harboring the second I placed my lead to carbon.
In all honesty, I've been so wrapped up in technology the last couple of years that I haven't drawn a picture or sketched a landscape in just as long. The digital camera has taken over that avenue just as blogging has taken over the hidden diary or the locked journal under the mattress. Does that mean in the next 50 years our children's children will be doing automatic voice journals like we see on Sci-Fi shows and photographs turned into holograms? Even in my 31 years I have seen progressions that I once thought was impossible.. ...

See what happens when I want to do a celebratory post.... Here I am ranting my way into the future.

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