Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Main Entry:fi·nal·i·ty
Pronunciation:\fi-'na-l?-te, f?-\
Inflected Form(s):plural fi·nal·i·ties

1 a: the character or condition of being final, settled, irrevocable, or complete b: the condition of being at an ultimate point especially of development or authority
2: something final ; especially : a fundamental fact, action, or belief

Another season deemed a failure by the fans of the Vancouver Canucks - today fans in Vancouver and around Canada are wondering about Roberto Luongo and his ability to let in 7 goals last night, something he hasn't done in 9 years. I will admit there was at least 3/4 goals that Lu should have had easily but I'm not between the posts and I can't skate so I'm not one to be passing on criticism. Kane and Toews played extremely well last night and so did the rest of the Hawks Organization. They played the better game(s) and they deserved to win this series. I just don't have to like it.

I can take some solace in the fact that we lasted longer than every other Canadian Hockey Team although I do feel like there is a big bottomless black pit in the bottom of my stomach.. my hockey season is over.
I find it hard to cheer on another team that isn't my own. I don't own any other cheering outfits beyond my Vancouver Canuck garb, I have a Fin on my backpack!!

Next year is going to be the year of change for the Vancouver Canucks. Luongo is a free Agent and we only have until the next trade deadline to sign him - which is going to be a hard fought battle with Mike Gillis and Lu's Agent. The twins are up for resigning however I'm not sure it would be worth it to keep them. They are at the point in their career that we may be better off trading them. Ohlund is a Free Agent as well! This is going to be the off-season of change. The biggest question is whether or not SUNDIN will be back....

The only little bright light is Cody Hodgson (wishing I was in Manitoba right now to see him playing with the Moose). I'm curious whether or not he will be dressed as a Canuck next season.

All I can say now is Go Jays Go!!

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