Monday, May 4, 2009

Fiddlestick Sardines!!!

Today is the first official day that I truly hate living in the North! No, it isn't because of the almost 24-hour sunlight, or the lack of spring is because Bon Jovi is going to be playing in Moncton on June 27th AND Daughtry is playing in Charlottetown on July 4th (Charlottetown's Festival of Lights) with Theory of a Deadman... Yes I know I have seen both of them and in the case of Bon Jovi - I've seen them twice. Yet it doesn't make much difference to me, I am a true fan and having them so close to my neck of the woods is hard to swallow!

I guess I will wait to see when their websites get updated with their updated tour info. Hopefully I will be able to catch a concert or two while out on vacation in August.

What a way to add to my pounding headache!

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