Monday, January 25, 2010


There is one major item I’m lacking in life, and for those who know me will understand this completely.  I lack patience.  I check my bread at least 5 times while it is in the toaster – I check my cool water to hurry it along when it is placed on a burner. I’ve never been good with long waits or mix-ups, even when they are out of my control.  So waiting patiently for something big and life changing to happen is “grinding my gears”  to quote Peter Griffin.  I find myself itching, waiting and hoping throughout the day to find out anything-something to appease the burning of not knowing.  I know that I could be bringing on bad karma – that I may not want to know what the future holds; but I rather know something than nothing, whether good or bad.  Although, with my lack of patience comes one large balancing stone on the scale – ‘Positivity’.   That can be a huge asset in life, however, when it is pared alongside lack of patience it can be a huge mix-up in emotions at the same time.   I suppose what it comes down to is that from my perspective, it is easier to learn patience but becoming positive when negative is a harder thing to overcome.  I guess I’m just a complicated person.

On another note: The teams are set for the Superbowl (Colts verses Saints).  I was wishing for Farve to win for no other reason except the man is 40 years old and as soon as his helmet comes off the ball-cap comes on, and I find that hilarious for some unknown reason.   

The sun is starting to become stronger, I haven’t caught a peak of the sun up over the hill yet but it should be any day now.  I look forward to seeing the sun, not that it warms up anything – but still seeing the bright sunshine can make you pretend it is nice and warm outside verses cold and …well cold. 


(January 25th @ 12:40pm)

I think we have officially decided on a all-inclusive vacation spot for our next IPA – we haven’t booked it yet and we are just waiting on the good word whether or not the resort is available for the 6 days that we want it (6 days = promotion that the resort is offering).  Once everything is booked and our vacation is approved I’ll give you all a peak.  I’m interested to know what you guys think.

* I posted a question last week regarding Haiti and relief efforts, and I was told it was a bit “mean” by a couple of  people so I removed the post, however, I just wanted to thank Clare for answering my question – your answer made perfectly good sense.

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