Friday, January 1, 2010

Unknown Possibilities

I have been dwelling over whether or not to do a big New Years Day post and I think I’ve decided against it especially since I’ve been blogging for the past year.  Last year when I did my big “2009” post I only had a half dozen [or a little more] posts to my name and I wanted to remember, for my own sake, the prior year especially the process we went through to move North.

Last night after a hearty NYE supper of Chicken Nachos & Buffalo Chicken wings with Hughie & Ian I came to the conclusion that while I complain about living in the North I’ve really enjoyed my time living in a settling that I necessarily will never see myself in again.  However with that said I’m looking forward to 2010 and our transfer back to civilization.  Things are still up in the air on that storyline, and considering the way things progress I’m sure I’ll have at least another 60/180 days, if not more, of sleepless nights ahead of me until we get our first of many pages of paperwork.  I tend to worry about the unknown; those who know me may find that surprising as I tend to be relaxed and cool about all aspects of my life.  The only time my stress comes out is when I settle down for the night and my brain starts to run with the “What If” questions.

So my resolution this year is to try not to sweat the “What ifs” and to let the unknown remain the unknown.  With that said I’ve deemed 2010 the year of “Unknown Possibilities”.  

So today, I start 2010 off with a hot cup of coffee and the Winter Classic [Go Boston!] with my best friend and my pups {Who are both sleeping on the couch in their little husky circles with their tails situated over their noses}.  Who could ask for a better start to 2010.

May you all have a happy and safe 2010. 

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