Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goddess & God of the Royal Throne

I wish drinking was the reasoning behind me being sick, then I could justify it and then say in self-loathing pity that “I’m never drinking again” only to drink again in a couple of days… however that was not the case and can’t be the case here in Kugaaruk.  On Sunday evening, I decided to try a new product that M&M meats was offering, the Bistro Ricotta/Spinach stuffed Chicken Breast – at the time I was eating it I wasn’t sold on the product and I started to flick the green and white Ricotta on my plate while eating the Chicken.  (Hughie on the other hand was enjoying the chicken with the added bonus of the green and white Ricotta).  A couple of hours later after a hot bath I just started to feel “not right” like something was off-kilter, I was irritated-bloated and felt like I was on a ferry boat in the middle of the St.Lawrence.  Needless to say Hughie was having the same feelings only x3. I haven’t seen Hughie sick like that in about 5 years, and I’m not sure I want to see him that sick again.  Although, with him being sick, it gave me a chance to put my lingering stomach and bowel issues aside (I know TMI) and baby my hubby.  He takes being sick as well as any other man does.  Although I regret putting my “sickness”on the back burner as I still feel rocked today.  My energy level reminds me of a newborn kitten all weak and tired.  I did manage to eat a banana yesterday and then today shared a sandwich with Hughie, who is still feeling like he is fishing in the high-seas.

So that is where I have been over the last couple of days, curled up with my hubby under the blankets feeding each other liquids, mmm Gastrolyte, and watching Spiderman 1&2.  We haven’t been able to force ourselves to watch Spiderman 3 yet….I suppose if we were sicker we could have.  We tried to pass the time making conversations about our next IPA which is coming up in about 55 days (I haven’t officially started the countdown yet, as we don’t have a relief member lined up) however it is hard to make any solid plans when the person you are talking to falls to sleep mid-sentence…. lol, I suppose we should make those plans when we are wide awake and feeling better.

Am I the only one that finds it hard to believe the amount of dirt and clutter that gathers around your house while you are sick.  I haven’t seen so many pj pants and t-shirts floating around my laundry pile in ages.  There was 3 bags of garbage about 12 empty cans of ginger ale and two sink full of cups and glasses with about 6 cans of ginger ale still linger inside those cups and glasses.  I’ve slowly spent my day today cleaning and disinfecting my house – I even opened my back door for a half hour just to get the stench of sick out of my home…although I think that is all in my really doesn’t smell that bad with two vanilla biscotti candles burning and a peppermint plug in..but somehow the air just seems fresher now..  

So there you have it, all those that emailed me to ask why I disappeared off the blogosphere here I am!  Just gathering up enough energy to shovel out the dog run.

I promise that my next blog entry will be free of any germs.

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