Monday, January 4, 2010


klutz Pronunciation: \ˈkləts\Function: noun                  Etymology: Yiddish klots, literally, wooden beam, from Middle High German kloz lumpy mass — more at clout Date: 1960 Definition: a clumsy person

I’ve always been known to bruise easily, with my pale skin that is pretty much a gimmy.  I know that when I fall or slightly bump myself into a random object I’m going to see the outcome of that slight bump for at least a week afterwards.  I think my klutziness all started when I was ~4/5 years old and fell over my big feet, or big shoes, either way you want to look at it, and jammed the bottom part of a Pepsi bottle into the bottom of my left hand.  Needless to say I I haven’t seen blood like that until last night.  I was all excited to be making my first ever Caramel Latte with my handheld blender, so I was going to change the blade until I realized the smaller blade would be to my benefit (quicker foam action).  I started putting all the components away and I picked up the new freshly opened big blade to place into the cupboard and somehow, I pinched the blade slicing open my thumb just below the first knuckle (approximately a inch in diameter and about a blade deep – I looked at my hand and flicked it into the sink…blood everywhere; dang I hit a capillary – I honestly thought, and I should have went to go to the health centre for a stitch or two but no…I did not.  I grabbed my first aid kit with the help of my concerned and helpful husband and doctored my own cut; after years of watching physiotherapist take care of severed fingers and severely cut tendons I have a slight understanding of bandaging.  So after a couple of butterflies and 3 band aids I covered my cut and managed to make a pretty passable Caramel Latte. 

The thumb still has good range of motion, and typing doesn’t seem to hurt at all so I know the tendon is still intact so I’m hoping that the healing will start now that it has been cleaned and bandaged again.  Although I’m afraid that I’m going to be telling this story for years to come when people notice the inch sized scar on my inner thumb. [I would take a photo, but it is rather  gross and still a bit on the nasty side]. 

I was hoping to get through the next 12 months without any noticeable scars, however, I should realize I am who I am, and no matter where I live I can never change that.

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