Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lost but not found

It should be no surprise to folks that I’m having a hard time concentrating and feeling slightly “short” with friends and family.  I chalk it all up to the fact that we “should” be going on vacation, if not already in civilization.  This year the 2010 Olympics have caused a embargo of all vacations, transfers and anything else that may cause Members to be away from their posts (Mid-January to Mid-March).  I definitely understand why those down south have to be more diligent with their vacations & transfers when a good chunk of their Members are already in Vancouver, or getting ready to be on their way to Vancouver to help prepare for the security they will need in order to keep the Olympians safe.  However I can’t for the life of me get my head around why Nunavut is in a stand-still as well ….… Oh well, I’m just complaining and the light at the end of the tunnel is a long ways off – however we should have our Relief Member approved before the end of the month according to the new guy in that department; so maybe once that happens my frown will turn upside down and I’ll be my normal chipper self, until then I will continue to mutter under my breath and give beer commercials the evil eye.  If I’m this bad at the 4 month mark without a vacation how will I be in 2.5 months from now..maybe I will hide my computer so you guys won’t be forced to face the wrath of Tammy.

As I alluded too in my last post we have lost our camera case, not the Camera itself (Thank god) but our charger, extra battery, USB connection cord & a USB PORT!! (with pictures of our wedding, niece etc etc etc…).  We were told that a member of the Canadian Rangers picked it up and was too take it to the Herc to see if any of the VANOC members dropped a case; needless to say we’ve been in touch with everyone beyond this specific guy..lol isn’t that always the way.  We are speaking with this guy tomorrow, pending he is in his office.  Although if he doesn’t have it we are shit out of luck to knowing where it is – we placed a couple announcements on the Radio and at the school with the added bonus of a reward (Chocolate & Cash) and nothing has turned up. I will say that while we got no where close in finding our Camera case I will have to say that the members of the Flight Crew have been EXTREMELY helpful!  I’m very appreciative of all that they have done for us considering the HERC broke down twice during their Vanoc Spirit Box deliveries (Once in Rankin and then in Whale Cove – where the Herc # 2 is relaxing and waiting to be fixed)…They only got back to Winnipeg/Yellowknife last night considering they should have been done with their trek on Friday…


With all my complaining I forgot to mention the most important part.  The Spirit boxes arrived in Kugaaruk on Thursday, January 7th to a crowd of approximately 50 kids/adults at the school’s gymnasium – unfortunately rumour was circulating that some of the teachers were not aware of this celebration, however it was nice just the same having the amount of people there that we did.  The Spirit boxes had hockey sticks, jerseys, soccer balls, lacrosse sticks, basketballs, baseballs, mitts, etc etc etc… what a great presents for the Hamlet of Kugaaruk to receive.  Nothing like having two big cozy looking Mascots to help pass on the goods – it was like a second Christmas to our town!  As you can see from the photo’s everyone was having a good time even when the themometer was bottoming out at about –50 (with windchill)

(Above: Miga & Quatchi (Vancouver Olympic Mascots)

Kugaaruk #2 098

(Above:  Miga & Quatchi hitching a ride)

Kugaaruk #2 112

(Above:  Watching the VANOC committee pass out the sports equipment from the Spirit Boxes…Hey there is me..yep I like Brown…)


(Above:  She was an Olympian for Diving??..and the VANOC Committee guys)

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The pic of the mascots in the box of the truck is the best photo every!.