Thursday, February 4, 2010

28 days

What???? Another 6-weeks of winter?  What the hell… …  wait a second, if Sam or Willie said we would “only” have another 6 weeks of ice and cold I should be and would be jumping for joy! Although, I realize that is pretty much false information for us Northerners, so much for getting excited.   So I remain hunkered down for the next 3 months wearing my comfy worn Sorels and Toque-Scarf with matching gloves and jacket until the sun shines bright enough to start melting the snow off our windowsills.  I was very much looking forward to February this year, January was just a down in the dumps kind of month – nothing major happened; just small little annoyances that got under both mine and Hughie’s skin.  Hopefully this month leads to exciting blog titles and blog worthy posts.  I’ve been running low on ideas, even heading out for a walk around to take photo’s have been hindered by the chilly temperatures and I’m not willing to freeze my fingers to take the gloves off to capture the daily grind.   However, before I leave this town I’m wanting to walk around the town just taking pictures of whatever captures my attention; I got a million scenic shots but I want some reality, everyday shots so people can really see what life in Kugaaruk is really about. 

Things are still up in the air with pretty much everything.  We have been “planning” our vacation – booking our vacation slightly without touching the first week or last week due to not having an official date to leave.  The dogs have been booked at the kennel but even that can be changed by a day or two…so we are still waiting on a definite “yes you have your dates” so we can book the first/last week – however if there is police curling then the last 10 days are spoken for and we will spending our time in the curling club in Timmons hanging out at the club (I can’t wait to smell the curling club…I know you may think it is weird, but all clubs have that ice-smell that just curls my toes in a happy-go-lucky way). I’m actually looking forward to sitting behind the glass going over the strategy and calls - “behind the glass curling” and visiting and shooting the shit with all the other members/officer’s and there significant others.   Although if we don’t get to police curl this year due to circumstances out of our control then I’m looking forward to hitting up a concert at the ACC.  Like I said everything is pretty much up in the air; usually we have our vacation planned out fully by this point but the Olympics are slightly messing up that plan.

I’ve been doing some major online shopping lately, thanks mostly to my hubby’s American Express!  (I love aeroplan miles).  I realized that I don’t have any “summer'” clothes – sure i have some shorts and t-shirts but nothing for a “dressy” 5 star resort.  So I’ve purchased a couple of Summer dresses via Victoria Secret and some new luggage from Eddie Bauer.  That is probably why we went over our 5+1(purchased) gigs two days before our “start over” day with Qiniq.  I’m not sure what else I need for our vacation, I think I got a good solid foundation; and unless I find something that really sticks out then I’ll probably do the rest when I hit civilization.   I plan on not needing that much clothes as I plan to sit in our pool, drink lots of Pina Coladas and catch up on some reading and movie watching.    One thing for sure on this vacation I doubt will be landing “19” times – I think we are only planning on about 10-12 landings…which I suppose is a bit more than most people do.

I’m hoping these 28 days will give us some peace of mind and give us some closure on open story lines – until then we are as in limbo as we were in January.  The only difference is that I’m not going to loose our camera case!


Melodie said...

Hey, just curious, what kind of parka do you wear? Are you a fan of Canada Goose?

Please let me know:).

Stay warm!

Tammy said...

I currently own a North Face [Long] Parka with a fur-tipped hood. I'm actually a walking North Face Ad when I'm done suiting up to face the fridgid weather. I find as long as underlay properly I'm as warm as a bug in -45/50 weather; however, if you have to stay outside for any length of time or in colder temperatures I would definitely pay the money to purchase a Canada Goose - I just couldn't justify it for my 2-year stint in the north.

Hope that helped