Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hotels-✓Car Rental-✓Flights-✓Packing✓

Vacation is almost upon us; 17 days are remaining in our countdown and we have everything officially booked and confirmed.  We are just filling in the odd gaps with friends from afar and family outings.  I can’t wait to be sitting under Connie’s hairdryers and enjoying the heavy feeling of a head full of foils.

As the title says, I’m even packed – or about 98% – we have some items coming from Nova Scotia as well as a couple of items from the states that I purchased to wear while on vacation.  I find it fairly amusing that I’m packing swimsuits and shorts/tank tops when tonight we are suppose to dip down to –60 (with wind-chill).  So for that very reason I have two bags; one for St. Lucia and one for the chilly State of Minnesota and Toronto/Winnipeg.   I’m in love with my new duffle-roll luggage from Eddie Bauer; the color makes me smile (Rustic Orange) and it will hold all my summer gear (I have more summer gear than winter gear; how is that possible) and I have a second duffle Eddie Bauer bag for my winter-garb.  I think that someday I will have to grow up and purchase real luggage; but until then I will enjoy my new rolling duffel.


                                              GO CANADA GO!

I’m thankful for the Olympics and all CTV’s coverage to help pass my time during the day and evening. I’m very proud of all our accomplishments during these winter games and I wear my Red-Mittens & Red Olympic T-shirt with honour and pride.  Sure there has been some controversy with regards to some of the events and the security but even that isn’t enough to snuff the Olympic Flame, or to stop some crazy Canuck from coloring his body and face red & white.  However; the best thing I love about these Olympics is….. there is no CHANT!!! (NO Eh, Oh Canada GO!!)…I didn’t realize that the Olympics are sanctioned by COKE not Pepsi…so therefore there are no signs that depict the “New chant” or not that I’ve seen….or heard!   I look forward to this evening; when I will cheer loudly for my Luongo and the Canadian Hockey Team when they take the ice against Russia.  If I recall my history we are going on ~50 years since the last time we won against them in any shape or form (someone correct me if I’m wrong please)

We have finally got 100% go ahead on Police curling in Timmins this year; and I look forward to walking into the ice shed, grabbing a beer and cheering on my husband.  He is at his best when he is on the ice; so confident and calming – I could only imagine how relaxed he would be here if there was a curling club…

I’m still running 4/5 times per week and thankfully have been hitting all my milestones that I’ve been setting for myself.  This week my goal is to run between 30-35km and I’m half way to 30km and after tonight I’ll be over the 21/22km mark.  I enjoy pushing myself to my limits and then going one step further.  I’m hoping in two weeks I’ll be running between 40-45km a week; but if I don’t get to that I won’t be too bummed as initially my goal was to hit 35km; last week I ran 33km – so I’m only 2km from my initial goal.  There is nothing better than jumping off the elliptical dripping in sweat and feeling the rush of adrenaline.  It is that rush that keeps me going; nothing like perking up the endorphins in your blood to keep you smiling.  Believe me, I need to keep smiling!

“Go Canada…Luongo Go”!!



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Morena said...

Real luggage is overrated. We actually bought duffle rollies and ditched the old rectangle luggage and found it much more spacious. However we made the mistake of buying cheap stuff so one is already ripped beyond repair. Next purchase is high quality duffles. I'll have to check out Eddie Bower.