Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I find myself flipping through the channels; 212, 400,406,407 over and over again – never settling on any one show or program.  I can’t remember what I watched or what I did prior to the 2010 Olympics.  For the last 17 days I watched CTV, TSN & Sportsnet religiously all hours of the day; and even found myself catching the replays of the events I missed during the day.  I even miss BRIAN….[Williams].  I think all the patriotism that I was growing and expanding inside me has started to deplete and breakdown into a bitter aftertaste.  I’m starting to get tired of hearing “Believe” and seeing, still, the Olympic commercials.. I wonder if Advil will help the Olympic Hangover.

Thankfully, tomorrow will be a day of curling up on the couch wearing my comfy clothes watching the TSN ticker and Sportsnet's coverage on the NHL Trade Deadline 2010.  I’m hoping the Canucks are active, yet not to active.  With Willie Mitchell possibly being out for the season and Bieska still a couple weeks away from playing we can use some  increase coverage until they are ready and 100% healthy.  If I had to guess, I would say Hodgson, Schneider, Demitra are going to be up on the trade block, but that is all just speculation.

This weekend also brings the first couple days of the Halifax 2010 Brier.  “Its a shore thing…”…that always makes for some good curling and amusing ‘statements’ from my husband – who has played against most of them at some point in his curling career; and if hasn’t played against them he  knows of them. 

Although after the Brier and the NHL Trade Deadline is over, I’m going to be lost for those final few days until we are FREE…well free for 30 days.  The vacation is 100% booked and planned – just need to compose a list of all our emergency numbers for the Kennel in Yellowknife and to leave here…just in case.  Hughie finally ordered his curling shoes (and they are beautiful…lol yes curling shoes can be beautiful) as well as a new broom and bag.  So now are just waiting; 12 more days until we are in Yellowknife rolling up the rim!  I’ve started in on the weather network, I’ve said it numerous times that I’m addicted to checking the  weather – well now I’m well into the 14 day advance window for Yellowknife, Edmonton & Winnipeg – so needless to say I’ve been driving myself crazy looking at the long range forecast – I should know and realize that after living up here that there is no controlling the weather…lol I suppose whatever I need to do in order to pass the time…

At least my dogs know how to pass the time until they are off for a month of relaxation and visiting amongst otherdogs at the kennel.


*Above* Sekaya with her Entourage (Pluto, Bolt & Baby – if those three dogs are not in the kennel with her she will go “looking” for them)

*Below* Snoozing in the sun-beam


*Below*  Chakotay snoozing; apparently Sekaya felt the need to share her toys with Chakotay; but only as long as he is sleeping.


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Morena said...

I think we were at the same party because wow, that hangover is hitting be hard too.