Monday, December 14, 2009


My husband has excellent ideas, so this one was no surprise.  As you see from my previous posts we are fanatics when it comes to “real” Christmas trees.  So this year we decided to take it one step farther and purchase a tree for the community.  Thanks is especially due to Hughie’s parents, since they made it possible. 

The tree arrived on Friday and today it was passed over into our hands – we were stumped about where to ‘donate’ this tree.  We were contemplating where it would get the most use without being picked on by little tiny fingers…lol cause you know it does happen, especially in a community that doesn’t have any real trees around.    So after deep thinking on the subject we have decided to donate the tree to the local Catholic Church.  We are heading over their momentarily with the tree! 

I love Christmas! 

Addendum:  That has to be the most heart-warming thing I have done since moving here, We are thinking about making this an annual donation.


William Burton said...

Clearly your love for the annual Christmas tree knows no boundaries as shown by your wonderful generosity of donating it to your local Church. Merry Christmas.

AshMc1585 said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for reading my blog! I love it up here so far. Let me know if you're ever Cape Dorset bound.

Morena said...

I love this. Good for you.