Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tree lights glistening

I made my first batch of “Hugh’s favorite Chilli” this evening and I have to admit it turned out pretty well.  I always find it slightly scary when I make a dish for the first time, especially when we are having a guest over for supper.  We have a relief member in our community for the month and I like to try and feed them at least a hot meal once a week.  I can only imagine what they are feeding themselves.  I’m already looking towards a big spaghetti supper next weekend and then of course we are looking at Christmas Dinner.  He is also a big coffee drinker so lingering and chatting over a pot of coffee with the tree lights glistening  relaxes us into a slight stupor – luckily cheering on hockey is waking us up…I suppose the caffeine buzz is kicking in as well.

I can’t believe Christmas Eve is in 12 days, I officially finished wrapping my Christmas gifts.  I swear I only cursed a half dozen times, but Hughie wasn’t here so I didn’t have to add a dollar to the swear jar.  I love Christmas but I truly hate..almost despise wrapping Christmas presents.  However, Leo had a hard enough time finding me wrapping paper so I knew looking for Christmas bags was going to be almost impossible.   I look forward to making my Christmas sugar cookies next weekend. I’ve decided to play Cookie-Santa and deliver my cookies around town on the 23rd during their coffee breaks – I plan on making about 60 Christmas Trees.  (Red n Green).  I’ll take photo’s of my mound of cookies next weekend.

Otherwise there really hasn’t been anything new to report – the weather is definitely warming up, but with that being said they are calling for some snow over the next couple of days (2-5cm).  I, for one cheer snow, anything to cover up my yellow spots that are scattered around my back yard.  I also enjoy shovelling! 

*Smile List*

- The upcoming snow being forecasted so my yard will look all fresh and white.

- Having a typical Hockey filled Saturday night.

- Seeing Chakotay walk in the house last night after a run with Hughie, all smiles and walking with his tail held high.

- Howard winning over Stoughton.  (Looking forward to tomorrows game verses Martin) Go Howard Go!

- Having my chilli turn out.

- My Christmas Tree

- Yule Log Channel w/ Christmas Carols.

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