Monday, December 28, 2009

Today marks a milestone.

Today marks a first; my first Kugaaruk blizzard.  I’ve been living here for almost 14 months and have yet to see an “official” blizzard, bizarre I know – I have seen blustery days with the added bonus of snow and some pretty crazy winds but today marks my first “official” blizzard, and the Weather Network agrees.  Not that it means much, I’m still going about my day in a normal manner; Hughie is playing Dead to Rights and the dogs are vegging in their rooms after eating a hardy supper of Iams. 

Christmas was a resounding success and I’m actually a little sad that this will be our last Christmas in Kugaaruk, a milestone that I though would have taken a lot longer, it only seems like yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of 2009.   We did not have a repeat of last years sewage drainage issue which we are very thankful for; and we even woke up early enough to make our way to Christmas Day Mass at church.  While we did not understand what they were saying, the meaning of it was not lost on us.  We made it home with time to put the Turkey into the oven (Hughie even helped make the stuffing) and curl up on the floor with our cups of coffee and then glasses of Egg Nog & Chocolate  Milk.  We had a awesome time opening all our presents (THANK YOU Everyone!) we were spoiled yet again, as well we spoiled each other purchasing more than we necessarily need.  I’m now the proud owner of UGG slippers (Sekaya has been warned repeatedly if she touches them I’ll make slippers out of her fur…..) and Hughie can wear his Roadhog-The North Face pants with honour; anyone that knows Hughie can understand why I purchased him those pants.  We received plenty of BluRay & DVD’s this year, and we have been making use of them from watching Star Trek on Christmas Day Night and then Transformers II on Boxing Day.  We still have Angels & Demons to watch along with the DaVinci Code but that will keep until the weekend (New Years Eve/Day).   

*I enjoyed both Star Trek & Transformers II – however I will say that Star Trek held my attention to the point where I did not finish my Diet-Coke – that is how much I loved that movie.  Transformers II wasn’t as bad as I thought as long as you watched it as a “action” film and not a remake of the 80’s cartoon.

100th Post – I wanted to make an official “OMG I reached 100 post” post…but why draw attention to just one random number, sure I have wrote 100 posts – it is only I who makes a big deal out of it; so after a publish this post on my blog I will jump up and down, twirl around and kiss my husband. … ….

So here is to the beginning of 2010…will there be another 100 posts before our time is up in the north?

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Morena said...

Congrats on 100 posts! I loved Star Trek as well. Who knew Uhura and Spock were a thing? Makes me rething my entire Trekkie belief system!!