Thursday, December 3, 2009

Smile List

First off I have to admit I did not think up this fab-tanstic idea.  I was being nosy per usual and I happened upon this wonderful idea from a fellow blogger who finds herself far away from home.

I’m going to attempt to make this a weekly or bi-weekly event, it will help pass the time as well make me really think about what I’m truly thankful for.

So without further ado

  1. The beautiful frost that is covering every available surface outside – including myself after I walked the dogs for an hour this morning.  
  2. The full moon that seems so big you can just reach out and touch it. 
  3. The Yule log on Channel 285 (BellTV).
  4. My husband who just does the most unexpected things and the way he justifies things makes me wonder why I should be surprised about the unexpected things. 
  5. My family and their Christmas present secrecy rules
  6. The Mini-Wheat's Commercial
  7. My huskies who never stop amazing me. (Sekaya and her hamster like fascination for the toilet paper roll – which is a very new occurrence and Chakotay is no longer fighting over Hughie’s spot and is content to sleep between us)
  8. White Christmas – it may be cold, and the snow may be as hard as pavement but we will still have a White Christmas.

I think I will go and decorate my house a little bit more, somehow I’m feeling festive after thinking about all the things that make me smile.

21 Days until Christmas Eve. 

*NOTE:  I write my blog on “Windows Live Writer” and it transfers to Blogspot.  So the pretty little flowers are really numbers.  I’m corny but I have limits.


Hillary said...

well I'm pretty flattered! It's nice to "meet" you! I wonder if we ever did cross paths when both of us were in Manitoba!
Having you start your own smile list definitely makes it on my smile list this week!!
Can I ask which friend's blog you found mine on?
Thanks for starting a smile list!

Tammy said...

Let see, I read a comment on April's blog (Vigfusson - from Riverton) and Lindsey Dueck had left a comment which brought me to her site and it went from there. I tend to read blogs in "bunches". I read people blogs with my coffee (my own version of coffee & newspapers).

- Thanks for the smile list idea, living in the Arctic you sometime forget about all you should be thankful for.