Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best find those long-johns!

I admit it, I’m slightly addicted to knowing the Weather.  The first site I check in the morning is the same one I check at the end of the night.  The weather network.  I need to know which parts of Canada are getting a snowstorm/blizzard (Sorry Maritimes) and which part of Canada are getting warm toasty weather.  I always need to be aware of the temperature outside my house on a hourly basis.  For example today is: –26 with a wind-chill of –36.  This is the normal as of late, however looking a head a few days I’m seeing temperatures of –40 to –50 (that is without wind-chill) which means this December is right in line with December 2009.  I experienced some of the coldest weather of my life last December and it looks like it will be the same this year.

As of December 5th, we are now no longer having sunrises & sunsets although if you look outside you can see the lingering rays of sun trying to filter around our hills.  However, they are not very strong and dissipate quite quickly.  We will now be without the sun until mid-January. 

We are still in the process of planning our vacation; we would go through a TA but we’ve heard so many ghost/horror stories about TA’s gone wrong.  I know it would be easier especially if something goes wrong – that we would have an escape goat to throw things at but I think we decided to plan this vacation ourselves.  I figure if we can plan and enjoy a vacation where we landed 19 times in a run of a month we can plan one that finds us sitting on a beach drinking Mimosas and Pina Coladas.  We are slowly adding to our list of top 5 locations; and once we get it finalized I will post them for some general feedback.

Christmas season is finally here!  I have done my major Christmas cleaning overhaul with the hope to do one more before our Christmas tree arrives (My FIL: [Family-in-law] sends us a Nova Scotia REAL Christmas Tree…Love it!)  I’m definitely ready to have my tree up and decorated.  I finally received my Gingerbread kit from London Drugs – so I got decked all out in my most comfy purple pj’s and set to putting my house together.  I decorated one years ago while living in Nova Scotia and I loved it however when decorating a Gingerbread house in Kugaaruk you have to realize that the dryness works against you.    (I still have a bit of structural damage to the roof but I think I covered it well)


(The finished product)


(That is a little-gingerbread man hiding behind the tree with his Keith’s red drinking them while his wife knows no better in the front of the house)

Christmas show list: [That I’ve watched up until December 6th]

Shred The Halls
The Grinch
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
All Dogs Christmas Carol

Merry Holidays!

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