Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girly Girl?

Until yesturday I did not realize what I missed the most about being up North. I didn't realize that I was slowly turning into a Girly Girl while living in Manitoba. I didn't realize I craved pampering...

What? Tammy is a Girly Girl.....

I never felt so much relief as I did yesturday when I booked myself a Wax & Foil and a hour massage. I never was one that craved individual attention from anyone but myself every now and again, you know the average shaving, plucking..self dyeing of the hair - but somehow very slowly I turned to the attention of others. (Note to self: I forgot to book an appointment for a manicure). I'm now counting down the days when I can turn my body over and completely relax. All I need now is a new purse...It is something my mother taught me, when the seasons change, it is time to change the purse!

In other news: It looks like Chakotay & Sekaya are joining us in Winnipeg at Seneca - the dog kennel we were looking at the whole family is taking off for the Idiatrod in March and the other (good) kennel is booked solid apparently. However, we are definitely going to be booking them at Borealis in August - a lot less stress on my huskies is alot less stressful for me. The job that I have for today/tomorrow is to pull out the kennels from the laundry room and put them together, tabs and all to see if they will withstand Sekaya's chomping! If anything we may have to do a rush order on at least one kennel. Chakotay isn't an escaper; he rather yell like bloody murder instead.

I'm still hanging on to my New Years Resolution to loose more weight this year, I'm back on to my 8-10 glasses of water a day (which is hard to get back into, considering I live in a very DRY area) and watching my calorie count. I'm also in love with the Ellipitcal at the Detachment I've been slowly working my way up to 60 minutes. I'm currently between 40-50 minutes ranging between a cross/resist of about 5-13 & 5/6..not sure what those numbers mean but my glutes/calfs & quads sure do feel it. The detachment should have its weightsystem in sometime this week, so that will help with some of the toning aspect.

23 MORE days til vacation!

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