Friday, February 27, 2009

....and then there was 2

I can't get my head around that this time next week I'll actually be in Vancouver sitting back drinking copious amounts of "Winter Beer" (If the Speakeasy still has it on tap) and realizing when the phone rings it isn't a call from telecoms! I think that final statement will be the hardest thing to put out of my head, not just for me but more so for Hughie who despises the phone especially when it rings during "The Dark Knight"

I've been trying to keep the house clean on a daily basis..well for all that know me I'm a compulsive tidier so the house is "usually" clean on a daily basis but in order to pass the time I've been doubling up on the vacuuming and dusting. Today I'm doing 3 huge loads of wash just so I don't have any (or very little) to come back to in APRIL! I guess the big thing is, is that I don't mind leaving a mess but coming back home to a mess just puts me in a foul mood. Hopefully though by the time we get back at the end of March that the weather would have warmed up just a tad...

Speaking of which, I've been neurotic about checking the weather to the point I think the webmaster for Environment Canada may withdraw my access! I've been checking the and Environment Canada on a daily basis since ..oh.. about 3 weeks ago (14 day forecast...etc etc..) I'm a bit crazy I know but there is something about seeing a little sunshine picture that just makes the day go a bit smoother. I can basically tell you from memory the weather for Yellowknife, Edmonton, Winnipeg & Vancouver for the next 14 days!

Chakotay & Sekaya have finished packing their bags. Sekaya picked out the toys that she wanted to come with her (her little green frog, mouse and of course her pink & blue rubber bones). They definitely know what is going on, we have the kennels out and I'm washing her blankie today (It is the only blankie she hasn't destroyed a red plaid flannel blanket that she has had since she was just a little pup). We are keeping a pretty close watch on our dogs, since the last time we went and did something major (aka Wedding) they destroyed a wall in a matter of minutes. I'm hoping that Hughie and I are channelling good happy non-stressed thoughts so they will be passed on to the dogs. I'm sure when we were leaving for the wedding I was definitely channelling stressed thoughts, hence the wall hole!

There really isn't much left to do, a few more things to pack for both Hughie and I, but what it comes down too is if we don't bring it (or forget it) we will just purchase it when we get down south. We are actually packing minimally because of that reason. Just someone remind me to take my toothbrush - for some reason I always forget it! I'm glad we don't leave until 1:40 on Sunday though, that gives us the whole morning to get things organized and finalized! The other big bonus is that I can practically see the airport from my house; so we don't have to arrive 2 hours before. We can head down a bit early and drop off our bags then come home and keep the dogs company and wear them out for their flight.

I'm not sure how much I'll be updating over the next month. We will have our laptop with us, and I'm sure there could be some drunken posts...but be warned I'm not sure how much sense they will make.

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