Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Owner

It is hard to believe that in just under a week the snow has went from high and mighty to low and slushy; but with that said, I find it also hard to believe that in only a week I went from a home renter to a home/truck owner. (Although my husband would say that he is the official owner of HIS truck, I just get visiting rights..and I’m okay with that logic too)

We left last Sunday for the long trek to Nova Scotia – one that was made longer by the fact that we ran into some mechanical issues with our Air Canada flight leaving Yellowknife.  We were pretty organized this vacation making sure we had plenty of time between layovers but a malfunctioning gas regulator on the plane had us scrambling just to get to Edmonton.  I was very impressed with the Stewardess and the pilot for keeping us informed.  The only negative aspect of the whole situation was that we were required to remain sitting on the plane for well over an hour without air conditioning.  Normally that wouldn’t been an issue – it is Yellowknife, but the temperature was a sunny warm 23 degrees!  After meeting up with Security three different times.. (The third time they were just making it “look good”..) we made it to Edmonton.  Since it was mechanical Air Canada took care of our food vouchers (Mmmm party platter with way to many calories to even count) and our Hotel (Nisku Inn).  So with all that trouble behind us; we left Edmonton early the next morning (Tuesday June 1st and made our way to NS)

We arrived in NS – I was nearly in tears with happiness; there is just something about the deep salt air combined with lush green trees and grass. We grabbed our rental and off we went driving off into a Monsoon.  After a long wet trip (with a few hydroplaning incidents – I’m so glad that Hughie loves to drive) we made it to the Best Western Aurora.  (Not a bad little place).  With nothing left to do when we arrived we took a tour of the area as well as stopping long enough to hit up the local NSLC.  I toasted with a bottle of Boones (I couldn’t believe they still made it…and it is still delish!) and Hughie was very happy to see Keith’s light – he basically did his version of the “Dance of Joy”.

We only had a few must haves with our houses that we were looking at: 1.  2-bathrooms; after getting the stomach flu (or food poisoning we are not sure) together back in January – 1 bathroom just isn’t enough. 2. 3-bedrooms – a must for all our friends that will be visiting us. 3. A completed basement – for Hughie’s Man-Cave. 4.  Privacy.

The next couple of days are a blur, we saw 12 different houses on Wednesday and while some of the houses were a complete shock others were not so.  I find it hard to look past all the fluff – thankfully Hughie is just the opposite so I’m thinking we complimented each other well during the day of house hunting.  After much discussion (over DQ…yes another healthy lunch..mmm Calories).  We cut our list of 12 houses down to two.  We looked over my notes that I had took during our initial walk through and decided to take another run through our 2nd choice house (Our first house that we were really excited to see fell flat…quickly).  After our 2nd walk through we were sold!  Now we just had to finalize all the paperwork….and holy crap there was enough of it.  Luckily they all seemed to take pity on the property virgins..and we got walked through it all nice and slowly. 

The only one of the four must-haves that we faulted on with our future home was the privacy – we have a few neighbours and were are in a subdivision (a older generation).  The final decision factor was the resale value.  If we were planning on staying in the area for the rest of our life, then I could actually see us purchasing somewhere out in the country…but for now this will be the perfect little starter home for Hughie and I.














The house is officially ours – the SOLD sign should be gracing the sign sometime this afternoon/ tomorrow.  I can’t wait until July 6th – when I can walk into my house and get to work decorating.

I would never recommend purchasing a house and a truck within a 72-hour period but it can be done with a little bit of luck and not giving into the growing frustration and hunger.  I’m hoping that the next time we have to purchase a house, we have a least a full week to play with.

Oh, would you believe when we were flying back up to Kugaaruk after our exciting/stressful week we ran into Electrical mechanical failure on yet another Air Canada flight coming out of Toronto – luckily we didn’t have to spend the night, yet again, in Edmonton…. …..

Now that we are back I can relax and catch up with the laundry, because I know there is still so much more that needs to be done.



Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What a nice looking little home!! Congratulations on your new place!

Morena said...

Congrats! Looks like a nice place and the fact that it's surrounded with trees... heaven!!