Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lack of ranting and raving.

There seems  so much left to do and accomplish and when you put it in perspective of  our remaining Northern time; we really don’t have all that much.  I only realized yesterday while I was reading Newbies-in-Nunavut's Blog (Everyone give a big ‘hello’ to one of Nunavut’s newest bloggers, Lori – who will be taking over my little niche here in Kugaaruk).  She has her countdown listed at ~38 days, which means considering that she wrote her blog yesterday and we are only staying a day or two after they arrive – it only gives us ~40 days to get everything packed, bought and organized….Why am I not freaking out!  I was laying in bed last night,  going over our t0-do list and it is extensive.  The last time I had a list this large was my Northern-shopping list.  Somehow I’ve developed some kind of weird mechanical-calming affect over this huge task ahead of us.  I like to be prepared and organized, and while we are to a point – I should be pulling out my hair, ranting and raving about purchasing a house, truck, furniture, appliances and….well everything else; but I’m not.

Oh well, maybe I should stop ranting and raving over something I’m not ranting and raving about.

May 2-4 weekend has come and gone; and while the rest of Canada seemingly spent the last three days basking in sun and the water from nearby pools and beaches – I was bundled up against the chill that has been prominent in our air lately.  This weather almost reminds me of early winter in the East – damp and cold. ( I guess I better not complain to loud then)

I have officially finished packing for our HHT – it is easy to pack for warmth and sunshine when you have neither here in Kug.         Should be a whirlwind couple of days – lucky for us, pending on our decision – one of the hotels (lol pretty much the only hotel) in the area we are staying at has a Tim Horton’s directly across the street….  I somewhat doubt they have the Coldstone Creamery attached yet; but for now Coffee that I don’t make myself is all I need.

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jen said...

Good Luck with moving south! It's not too hard. Everything will fall into place, especially while you've got a timmy's coffee in your hand. The most important thing is to pack in all the stuff you'll miss about the north, one last snowmobile ride ect...lol