Friday, May 21, 2010

Trials Tribulations and TREES?

My so-called peaceful life in the North has been rocked into submission.  We are vamping up our Southern mentality hoping to kick start it into gear.  There is so much to do between now and July 3rd *give or take a day*.  The HHT is all but planned; just waiting on the most important aspect – the relief member to even out the odds here in Kugaaruk.  We spoke to our Relocation guys and have everything set in line with them – the best thing is that they do most of the work for us; they have a list of required Realtors, Home Inspectors (MIKE HOLMES PLEASE!) and Lawyers – so not knowing any of them ( luckily we are moving to a very “small” town – where everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business), we will pick the few that other Members have used before in the past.   I love small town chatter (or call it gossip).  Speaking of which, we are very thankful to have let Hughie’s parents know about our impending move prior to letting the cat out of the bag to the rest of the world.  Hughie’s mom ran into two random (old family connections) friends at a conference in Antigonish – who mentioned off handed that they had heard through the grape-line that Hughie' was heading to Bridgetown to work…That could have been an interesting conversation.  So now all we do is wait – wait for the final word to go on our HHT..and then buy a house…Wow, holy crap – I’ m going to be a home owner…Scary concept – I figure if my brother (who is 7 years younger than I) can purchase a house at the snap of his fingers and make a crazy awesome financial decision, that I can too!  Not sure it will be so finger-snapping though. 

On a totally related topic, I still make my bed in Kugaaruk (which, is still not made) so it wouldn’t be a northern blog if I didn’t bring up the fact that spring has arrived.  To the local observer just passing by the town or looking at the photo’s I post you may think I’m a bit crazy – but when the snow starts to melt to the point of falling through where you didn’t fall through a week ago; and the snow melting and forming ice in the know Spring has arrived – there even is mud in some places. 

A bit of proof: 

Yes, that is both the oil-truck & front end loader stuck in the soft wet snow; a month or even three weeks ago you could walk on top of it like it was pavement.  Needless to say this picture has a happy story, both were removed safely.


I don’t know how much I will blog over the coming weeks – things are going to be moving quite fast once we get the okay to head out on our HHT – but I have decided to keep a blog going even when I move to the land of apple cider and pie, it helps to voice my concerns and it is a easy way for my friends and family from across Canada to keep up with my day to day rambling.  Maybe my new blog will be called “Trials Tribulations and TREES”

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Melodie said...

Yes, that sounds like a very good title! It still connects with your current blog: Trials, Tribulations and Toques!

Haha, that's such a good name. I guess I shouldn't go up north then, because I'd want to use that name, hahahaha!

(I'm random, and I couldn't have the choice of selecting 'anonymous', so sorry for random person posting random comments on your blog---but hey, it's public, so lol).