Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Packers become Movers

I’m exhausted, drug out and rung through the ringer, and all I did yesterday was run 5K and watch packers = pack my house.  I didn’t lift a finger or offer up any lifting help – I just sat down and offered them coffee and cookies every couple of hours. (Well once an hour for three hours).  I love to move, to purge, to clean and reorganize but I find the Pack/Load day to be the worse.  Not that I mind people packing up my worldly goods – I just rather do it myself (and get the insurance coverage..).  I find it hard to justify that we had two men fly up from Edmonton, stay over night in our Inns North (I’m hoping they shared a room) and then fly back this afternoon with all our goods on the plane.  It would have been so much easier to allow me to pack up my stuff over the last couple of days and have it placed on the plane.  Although, with that said I’m sure I’d be complaining about packing myself vs allowing someone to come in to pack for me.  C’est La Vie…

So after all the curling brooms and 4-bags of dog food are packed we end up with 35 boxes, approximately 15 boxes less than what we arrived with.  Like I said, I love to purge.

One big negative to all this, my house doesn’t feel like my home anymore – so I’m definitely ready to head to NS now!  4-days until we head home…5 days until I can grab a Grande Non-Fat Latte!


Jennifer said...

Hi Tammy,
I've read your post and it was interesting for 2 reasons. You are coming to NS from NU and I am going to NU from NS! I am moving to Cambridge Bay at the end of the summer. Where are you moving to in NS? Are you from here?

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