Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring 2010

For those who are living south of Nunavut, I’m sure you are all shocked to find out that YES we still have snow on our ground, and on occasion we do get the odd flurry in June.  However, to us Great White Northerners this is as much Spring as we will get– with Summer looming just around the corner.  However, with that said the amount of snow still lingering around – I will not be surprised if there is still snow on the ground as we leave in July. 



(June 8th, 2010 – approximately 4:00pm)


(June 8th, 2010 – approximately 4:01pm)


(Taken at 12:19am June 12th, 2010)

Things have been definitely warming up, when I can go for a walk with just my cap on my head and my gloves stored in my pockets not my hands – I realize that Spring is definitely here to stay.  I look forward to warmer weather over the next couple of weeks – but I rather not have to deal with all the Mud – thankfully though, we have laminate floors throughout the house (minus the bedrooms, but those each have doors that can be shut). When I venture out this afternoon for a walk to the office to jump on the Elliptical – I will take photos to show how much difference a week of sun-like weather can do to really kill the snow piles up here. 

I can’t wait for Summer weather, where I can sit on my deck with a grape popsicle in each hand (for the dogs of course) and bask in the warmth. [18-more days]

**Addendum – the better-half (or other-half) took the camera with him when he came home for Lunch; so there will be no “can you see the difference” photo’s taken today.

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