Monday, June 1, 2009

Vacation rituals

Living in the North, you try to hold on to your Southern roots. You try to do things that you would normally do in the South. Like perk a pot of Caribou and/or Tim Horton's coffee or watch a movie with popcorn and jelly beans. Although, when the night is over you flick on your lights and you are still in the North.
You start counting down the days until your next IPA [vacation] almost immediately after arriving back in the North from your last one. All you speak about in the months ahead are vacation plans, purchases and getting approved. The week before you get less and less sleep and you start finalizing your list of items you are bringing down south with you, and if you forget anything, well you just purchase it when you get to where you are going.

We have had only one vacation since moving North, with our next one in August but I have already developed my top 10 vacation necessities.

My top ten vacation rituals or necessities:
[No particular order]

10. Starbucks - Grande Non-fat Latte or a Hot fresh brewed coffee of any kind.
09. Hair - Foils & Cut
08. Waxing - Eyebrows, Chin & Lip - and legs.
07. Pedicure and/or Manicure
06. Drinking my first "girly" drink and/or bottle of beer - and I'm not fussy.
05. Driving - doesn't matter how fast or to where....just driving
04. Shopping at my favorite stores, without worrying about shipping costs or fees.
03. Darkness - Watching and viewing the Moon & Stars [or in the Fall/Winter: Sun]
02. The unknown avenue - visiting locations that are not familiar to you, and having an adventure within the adventure.
01. Visual - This will not be a repeating ritual however, on this vacation I have made an appointment to get contacts and an updated vision test [It has been 4 years].

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