Friday, June 19, 2009

Spring Solstice ???

I wish I could say I was extremely busy and overwhelmed and that is why I haven't wrote in the past couple of days, but just the opposite there really hasn't been much to post about.

We are slowly preparing and finalizing our vacation plans. We are still holding out some hope in receiving a seat sale from Kugaaruk to Yellowknife. Did you know that I can book a round trip trip from Halifax, NS to Edinburgh, Scotland including a 4-Star Hotel for what it costs for two round trip tickets from here to Yellowknife. Does anyone find that just very very wrong? Something should be said and done. Now I understanding spending money for our flights in the winter when it is -50/60 and the planes need more fuel to maintain their systems and to keep passengers warm, but it is August.

I promise that I will never complain about airline prices again when I move back down south...

This weekend is Summer Solstice [I think it is my love of Celtic Lore that gives me goosebumps when this day approaches]. However, it is also Aboriginal & Fathers day. A triplex of celebrations. Looks like there is going to be a big roaring BBQ at the RCMP Detachment on Sunday where the feast will include Hot Dogs, Juice and Cookies...Yum..[Aboriginal Day Celebration]. Should be fun to see all the people out having a few dogs. Should also be amusing to see how much hand sanitizer I will go through before the end of the day.

The ice in the bay has finally started melting. It seems in the last week it has only begun. Hughie and I went out for a walk along the rocks on Wednesday evening, neither him or I had any energy to do our usual workout, however climbing in amongst the rocks, moss and slush was a workout enough. It was beautiful and peaceful watching the sun set slightly behind our rock face and the calming singing of our local birds [not to self: must find out the name of the song birds]

I'm not 100% sure how the ice is melting, we have had nothing but chilly weather over the past couple of days. I'm still wearing gloves, toques in the morning and just today I put on a thermal shirt to wear out for a walk... This time last year, while living in Manitoba, sure I was dodging thunderheads and tornadoes but I was still wearing shorts and shirts!

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Target Rebel said...

There is something to said about those high prices of plane tickets. You make a good point about the use of extra fuel at lower temperatures.