Saturday, June 13, 2009

Washing away ...

"Rain Rain Go Away, Come Back Another Day"

Spring has officially taken over Kugaaruk. This last week we had snow, sleet, hail and now rain fall from our over full clouds that are lingering over the town. It is so hard to figure out what to wear when you go outside as you don't know what type of precipitation that is falling. I was looking forward to this weekend, weather pending, that Hughie and I were going to take off for an adventure to the dew line & the bridge to nowhere.
Oh well, we are now enjoying today by curling up under nice warm blankets to ward off the chill of the damp rain and watching Transformers G1 Marathon on Teletoon Retro.
I will get to posting some new spring photo's now that the snow is all but gone. The only place that seems not to be loosing any snow is the hills surrounding our community but hopefully with this rain that will soon be turning the hills from white to brown/black.

Here is to hoping that tomorrow the rain will stop..

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hello Tammy!! Nice to find your blog!

So of course I am required by my husband to ask the traditional greeting of x-ringers (I am from BC, so I just ask my husband what his super power is since he is an X-Man!):
What year did he graduation and what did he take! Matt graduated in 2001 with his Nursing. He is from Glace Bay originally.