Sunday, August 1, 2010


There are times when I forget all about justification processes and wants vs need.  In this case ..I both wanted and needed my latest purchase.  Last Thursday, July 22nd, 2010; Hughie picked me up from work, and weirdly we turned left out of my workplace instead of the required right to drive home.  After a few minutes, and when I finally saw the Dodge dealership looming in the distance I finally knew where he was taking me.

I have been looking for a vehicle for the last 6-8 weeks, dealing with a Dodge dealership out of town and after weeks of not getting what I wanted I was starting to get frustrated to say the least.  I could only say so many times that “No I don’t want a Journey or a Honda Civic, I want a Dodge Caliber”. So as we pulled into the dealership  I saw a beauty… a black 2009 Dodge Caliber.  After looking up close, and with Mr. Fidler looking over my shoulder, we deemed the black Caliber a misfire (there was over 50,000 KM on her and there was no cruise control) then I looked closer to the Dealership’s main office and there he was – a Sunburst Orange Caliber glistening in the ….well dang there was no sun, but to me he was glistening in the sun.  Walking up to him, I thought there is no way I can afford a 2010 Caliber – and as I looked closer I was realizing that I may have to go back to the Black Caliber that I just said was a “misfire”.  This orange Caliber has everything….and I mean everything, even a nice little button to turn my volume up and down and the channels on my steering wheel and a IPOD jack!  After Hughie nodding his head in approval, he said “Take him for a drive” .  Needless to say after 2 minutes in this car I was ready to jump off the nearest cliff for this vehicle.  So I did the march into the office, where I realized HOLY CRAP I could afford this, and it was only going to be $70.00 a month more than what my OLD Sunfire was costing me when I financed Keely….I jumped on that deal faster than…..[well my analogies suck today so I got nothing] I just jumped on the deal.  So after all the financial fun was all figured out, and I signed the paperwork – Cameron the Caliber came home with me on Monday Evening.  He is sitting pretty at 295Km just waiting for a nice long drive….Bay of Fundy here we come!


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