Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have found a new kind of relaxation – one where I can sit back with my feet up on my deck and just listen to the sound of nothing floating around my back yard.  I hear no Hondas’ or sleds’, no kids yelling and crying, no one asking “Do they bite”… is peace and quite at its best.  The area we live in does have their fair share of kids – although I have yet to see them, every now and again I can hear a splash and giggling coming from a house kitty-cornered to us in the back and that is all.  I sat outside yesterday afternoon for almost 2 hours, and besides getting a slightly redish burn, I didn’t hear a peep.  Now when I say I didn’t hear a peep I don’t mean I didn’t hear the odd bird flying by or Greenwood’s Air Force base doing their formations – but to me that adds to the charm of my back yard. 

Our home is finally coming all together.  We finally received our Fridge & Stove from Futureshop and we determined that we will never purchase big ticket appliances from them again.  Our bedroom is finally organized, minus one big box of clothes and a slightly disorganized closet (but that is mostly my better-half’s mess….lol).  The living-room set we ordered has arrived, and we will pick it up on Tuesday and our guest room is all set up and just awaiting visitors.  [Just call ahead so I can take the dog’s blanket off the bed and remake the bed with the “good” linen].  The only two rooms that look like a tornado has hit them is the basement aka Hughie’s Man-Cave and Hughie’s office.  The only reason being is that we are wanting to paint them prior to organizing the items in there.  Although the more I think about it, it may be beneficial to organize the office and throw drop sheets over the items verse the way the room is looking now.  It shouldn’t take much to paint the upstairs office, but the basement is going to be a bit of a chore.  Should be fun either way; I enjoy painting. 

I look forward to the near future where my house is all in order, so I can sit back and take a breather from reorganizing and cleaning and get ready for a trip to the States, Christmas and best of all the huge BBQ party we are going to throw.



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Melodie said...

Hey, good that you changed your picture! While the (old) one was gorgeous, it had 0 trees, LOL!

I'm glad that your move back down south is going so well! Enjoy your new house and enjoy your new car!!!

Let us readers know if you ever miss Nunavut...maybe after a year you will! Love your blog!