Saturday, August 21, 2010


I feel like I haven’t posted in forever, I find it hard to find a few minute or two to sit down and fill you all in on my life amongst the trees.  Things have been going very well for Hughie and I, so well that I would hate to mention about all the good things just in case karma comes back around and kicks us in the ass… So for that reason I’ll rant on about random life happenings:

Work:  Work for Hughie and I for the most part is fantastic, I’m enjoying my job and the people I work with; and who would thought the amount of “interesting” people you’d run into during a shift at a medical clinic.  Hughie has the same thoughts as I do, unfortunately or fortunately he deals with them in a whole different way that I do.  The only negative is our lack of time together, things are much better than they were when in Selkirk, but it is hard to get anything done when we are working opposite shifts.  Lucky for Mr. Fidler, I’m a pro at cutting the grass, painting and cooking – so all he has to do is to keep his man-cave organized and clean. 

Life:  Hughie and I spent his birthday hanging out with the whales.  We drove the 75 minute drive to a 5-minute crossing ferry, then drove another 25 minutes to yet another 5-minute crossing ferry to arrive on Brier Island – a cute little Island were everyone knows everyone but at the same time caters to non-locals.  While we were hanging out in a frigid arctic, Hughie’s mom sent us a book  “things to do in NS”.  One of those things was a Whale Watching tour (Brier Island Whale Watching Tour).  We studied the area and ask questions to our friends that have been there before, and the more we heard about it, the more we wanted to go!  So go we did this past weekend.  Hughie celebrated his 32 birthday out on the Bay of Fundy and the Ocean amongst sea creatures 100x the size of our little zodiac.  It couldn’t have been a better day.

Cameron –aka Car:  I finally got my car officially registered for the NS roads – for the last month I was driving with a temporary license plate.  While we were unpacking all our worldly-goods from storage we came upon my old Sunfire license plate (2007). I thought how funny and nostalgic it would be to see if they can put Keileigh’s plate on Cameron….they had NO problem with it, and it also saved me $$$ that I would have paid for a new plate! Crazy and comforting at the same time.

Chakotay & Sekaya:  LOVE NS.  They relax for hours outside in the shade rolling around on the grass.  Playing with each other and shed like they are going to be bald tomorrow.  This has been the longest shedding ever.  I think they shedded their arctic coat months ago, and now are shedding the hair they would have shedded if they didn’t have a arctic-coat.  Sigh!  So much hair, I’m constantly walking around with a swiffer.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love my fur-beasts.

There ya have it, not a lot of information but enough to keep you going.

A few other notables.

1. Love my clothes line.

2. Love my dishwasher

3.  Not a fan of recycling, something to be said about sending your garbage to Kugaaruk’s dump.

4.  Love the sun, heat and humidity – I’m no longer a pasty white – I’m actually almost a light almond!!! Which is a huge stepping stone for me.

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Morena said...

Briar Island is beautiful isn't it? I didn't do the whale watching but the island was a nice sight seeing trip when we were there. Glad life is going well for you.