Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To the beat of their own drum

The town has developed a beat all on its own. There is a drum festival taking place here in town. Communities surrounding us have flocked to our school gym to partake in the festivities. Hughie and I attended the festival last night and we ended up staying way over an hour. At 10:30pm last night they were still going strong, although the crowd had thinned greatly. The festival is taking place all this week and possibly into the weekend. It all depends on when the drummers are drummed out.
The play by play is fairly simple - each community that comes sings (throat singing) for their drummer who beats to rhythm of the song. It is quite beautiful and the throat singing lulls you into this semi-relaxed state where you just want to lay down and listen to them sing for hours.

On a different note, I'm almost able to breath again - I have been fighting this cold since last Tuesday/Wednesday and I think I have it just about beat. It was a doozie - I'm very happy to say I can almost smell the vanilla febreeze candle that is burning on my counter.

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