Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sekaya!

April 23rd, 2007
Sekaya came into this world with her 7 little sisters, that's right all little girls. Hughie and I were looking for a second female Husky for a while, a friend for Chakotay and a puppy for us. We looked pretty much all over Canada and looked at adopting a 4 year old named Kia. However, we always fell into the same problem they were all dominant females and if anyone knows Chakotay he doesn't have a dominant bone in his body..he is my little sook.

Low and behold we found out there was a Husky breeder. Her husband raised dairy cows while she raised Huskies & Pomeranians right down the highway from us. Hughie went and took the first look and he was ready to take one home right then.

The final decision was an easy one, puppies tend to be shy and reserved. When we walked into their makeshift kennel all of her sisters ran in the back to cower away from two tall strangers, Sekaya stood her ground and protected her litter daring us to try and get past her! Hughie picked her instantly! His little girl.

She continues to be a bright blonde spot in our house. She is quickly tempered and feisty but she is loved by us all. She is spoiled and catered too on a daily basis, as is Chakotay - they are our furkids and we treat them with as much respect as we would any human being.

Happy Birthday Sekaya!

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