Thursday, April 9, 2009


Everyone automatically thinks when living in the "North" that you suffer from S.A.D, Depression, Lack of Motivation and just outright boredom. After realizing that I've posted about the top 10 things I miss the most about being up north verses being down south.

I'm going to list my top 10 perks to LIVING in the "North"
[No particular order]

10. Fresh [non-pollutant] Air.

09. Fresh crystal clean ice cold water - that isn't put through a huge water purifier 5 times with the addition of a lot of fluoride and chlorine.

08. Peaceful [not rushed] living - while sometimes this can be a headache you have to appreciate a culture that doesn't live by the hands of the clock.

07. $$$ You really don't have a place to spend it, so you spend it wisely on debt. Today I officially paid off a major credit card that has been in my wallet for years. I've chopped it up and now I'm on to paying off my one and only.

06. Eating healthy - while some in the community do not, Hughie and I have been eating 100% healthier now while living in Kugaaruk then when we lived in Manitoba. We have access to ordering only nutritious foods from Sunspun [food mail] and what M&M meats offer [I realize they have cakes, ice cream, squares etc - but everything in moderation].

05. Getting excited about the little things in life. For example: Produce Wednesday at the Co-op or receiving a care package in the mail.

04. Conservation - Down south I would leave the water on while I was brushing my teeth, removing bath water after a 45 minute soak, only to add more hot water to extend my relaxation, rinsing my dishes with the tap verses filling up the additional sink to do the rinsing etc.

03. Vacations that allow us to visit the Maritimes more often. I had the realization while home in the Maritimes that prior to this last visit the last time I was home before that was almost 15 months prior.

02. Spending more time with Hughie. While he is on call 24/7 - he is home in the evenings/weekends and stat holidays. We are no longer two ships passing in the night.

01. Playing in the fresh fallen snow with Chakotay & Sekaya and watching Chakotay bury and dig himself a hole to find the mysterious treasure waiting for him at the bottom.

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