Monday, April 6, 2009

The Grindstone

So we have been back for 5 days and I still have a mound of Laundry to finish. I guess when your life is controlled by the water/sewage truck you have to do things in small bunches.

We are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Hughie is just getting over a nasty cold *that he got from me* where he didn't have a voice for a while. So this weekend was very low key. Speaking of which, the big hockey tournament that we thought we were going to be missing while we were gone happened this weekend. Kugaaruk made the final but by the time they were in the first intermission last night Hughie and I were making our way to bed. I'm hoping that Kugaaruk won, this town deserves some happy memories instead of the seemingly sad ones that surface. From what I gather it was a good organized event and Hughie didn't get called out all that much, so that is a good thing!

There are some massive Igloo's being built out on the bay for a drum festival at the end of the month. To be honest those Igloos scare the crap out of me; so many people in one snow made *handmade* house...I feel my claustrophobia kicking into overdrive. I guess I will have to attempt the drum festival *which I truly want to see, I love percussion!!* even know being in a small space which could technically collapse at any given second...regardless I have to attend.

The dogs are pretty much back to normal. They are driving each other crazy and getting back into their routines. Sekaya is now a 9am riser and Chakotay soon follows suit. Sekaya is loving her little "Carlton" and Dolphin that we got her for a present and Chakotay is loving stealing them from her and trying to dismember them in front of her...they are like two big kids and I love them!

So it is back to the grindstone and while I love being on vacation, planning for the next one is just as fun!

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